Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Photo Project

I'm four days late, but I'm hopping on the bandwagon. 

Won't you join me???

Rebecca over at View From the Prairie Box is hosting her annual December Photo Project, where bloggers each post one photo a day for the first 25 days of December. It's a way to show others what life looks like through your eyes. My friend Paris joined in, and so did I!

I would love for you to take a look at Rebecca's DPP page, and if you are a blogger and want to get in on the fun, post your blog URL here (and in my DPP discussion post on Happy Homemaker Me's facebook page) so that we can follow your daily photos, too!


Here is my photo for December 4th:



Crafts have been taking over our home recently.  It's a rather lovely thing to be invaded by, though, isn't it?  :-)

I made this ribbon box last year out of a shoe box, two dowels, and decoupaged the exterior with pretty scraps of paper and inspirational writings.  It makes me happy.  The sewing box underneath is the one my grandma and I chose together for my 15th birthday.  I love thinking of her whenever I use it!

I hope you join in the fun!

Happy Homemaking!
♥ Bethany


  1. i think i'm joining this too! look for my post tonight. :)

    btw... something's wrong with your RSS feed. i hadn't been getting any new posts so i finally went to your site to check if you'd posted, and heh... i'm like ten posts behind! :) so not sure what's going on?? i'll let you know if i can figure it out. maybe it's on my end?

  2. That's odd! Any suggestions for what I could do on my end? I have no idea.

  3. I had the same thing happen, too (the RSS/Reader glitch). No idea how to fix it though!

    Your blog is so sweet, Bethany! I just love it! And, I am SUPER impressed with all the great photos you are taking with your new picture. I have been thinking about looking at some nice cameras, but have been shying away from it, thinking that it will be too hard to figure out how to use it. You give me hope! (Or, you are just extraordinarily talented, which I would believe too! :)


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