Monday, December 6, 2010

2010 in a Nutshell

Facebook does this fun thing where you can create a randomized collection of the statuses you've posted over the year.  Here's mine:


♥ has a new name to add to the list:  Mrs. CakeBaker.  Silly Kindergarteners!!!

♥ has been stuck at home all day with a cold AND the stomach flu.  Is that even fair?!?

♥ just feels all around content.

♥ saw a man wearing a Cat in the Hat-style hat in honor of Theodore Giesel's birthday today.  I wish I was that cool.  Happy birthday to one of my favorite authors!

♥ has heard every "April Fool's"  joke a five year old can come up with

♥ "Like a rose trampled on the ground, You took the fall and thought of me above all."

♥ is getting a kick-butt lesson on "not my will but Yours be done."

♥ woke up to four little kittens playing with each other in our backyard.  The last thing this neighborhood needs is four more stray cats, but right now, they're sooo cute!

♥ light work week=living room/dining room renovation!  Having a blast :-)

♥ likes that facebook is reminding me that our anniversary is coming up.  Like I'd forget!  Two years!  I love you, Jesse Brubaker!

♥ pork chops on the stove, mashed potatoes in the making, apple pie coming out of the oven, and a handsome husband and a brother to enjoy it with.

♥ wants to know why CVS sells anniversary card packs of three identical "For my wife, on our anniversary" cards.  There's no way of making that ok!

♥ just sat down to make the flower girl baskets for Em's wedding and discovered that the spray paint the Michael's lady recommeded to paint the baskets white is acually to paint silk flowers white?!?  Lol, we must have both been having a day!

♥ my childhood friend is getting married tomorrow.  So excited for that special day!

♥ is off to the LA County Fair wtih our College & Career group!

♥ Little Rascals has to be the cutest cast of kids ever.

♥ did anyone else just feel an earthquake?  Jesse thinks I'm crazy...

Well, there you have it!