Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry [home] Making Day 3: Gingerbread Man Ornament

Welcome to Merry [home] Making Day 3!

Today is a fun and easy project that you can adapt to have your kids help you with :-) 

Who doesn't want a cute little gingerbread man hanging from their tree?

This little guy is quick and easy to make.  Here's all you need!

Cast of Characters:

♥Sewing Machine

♥Brown Felt

♥White thread

♥White fabric paint

♥Christmas-colored buttons

♥Paper gingerbread template

♥Straight pins

♥Sewing needle

♥Thin red ric-rac

If you don't feel comfortable creating a gingerbread man template free-hand, simply look online for one that you like and print it off.

Pin your template on top of two pieces of felt, and use as a stencil to cut out your shape.

(This is me being totally lazy.  If you want to trace the template on to the felt and cut it out, go ahead :-)  )


You should have two pieces of felt sandwiched together.


Take your red ric rac and make a loop to hang the ornament.


Pin your ric rac loop between the two felt pieces.


Sew your little man together!



Sew some cute little buttons on his front.

Now take out your white fabric paint and trace your sewing so that it looks more like icing.  Give him a face and some clothing details, and you're all set!

Now, wasn't that easy?






  1. You are so creative! I have loved all three of your things so far, and they are all unique and with making... And, it seems like I could actually successfully make all three if I tried, thanks to your detailed directions!

    Also, your rss feed appears to be working now, FYI... I am guessing you know this! It dumped all of your recent posts in there... Hooray!

  2. Thanks, Kelly!
    I'm having fun with it. I've learned a couple of things along the way, like have all of the days already written and scheduled to post, so that you won't be behind if you get sick!!
    Thanks for the heads up on the rss. I thought it had been fixed two weeks ago, but last night I talked to my friend who is giving me space on his server, and he told me I had goofed with the feeds. Nathan to the rescue!


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