Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 Month Letter to Logan

My baby boy,

I had a list of things I had planned to do tonight, but then you fell asleep on my chest while I was washing dishes and I just had to sit down and treasure it.  You're 5 months old today, Logan, and you're in such a hurry to not be a baby any more that whenever you do something so preciously newborn-esque, I can't help but stop to enjoy it.

These moments with chubby cheeks and dimpled fingers pressed against my skin while you sleep...sweaty brown hair curling at your neck...little twitches that remind me that you never stop moving--even in your sleep.  The way you lift your head, lock eyes with me, and then settle in again once you're content that we're still as we were when you drifted off.

I'm so proud of my big boy and so sad at how quickly your babyhood is disappearing.  I'm constantly caught between deciding which emotion to allow to lead.  You are solidly in 9 month clothing now, and everyone thinks you're at least that old based on your size.  You are so strong and so inquisitive.  You reach for anything in your path and grab at it with very clumsy little chubby hands.  I can tell that you are going to love big people food when we let you have a taste of it.  You eye everything on our plates and try your best to grab it right off our forks.

You truly delight in your sister.  And she delights in you.  Every time you hear Kayleigh's name, you sit up a bit straighter and search for her with excited eyes.  She kisses you and sings to you and often has to be reminded about "gentle love" because her love for you is so fierce.  Please always be best friends.  I know there will be days with squabbles and anger between the two of you, but please always love her.  God gave us siblings as our first best friends.  I treasure the relationship I have with your Uncle Jon Jon.  I'm sure he could tell you a thing or two about growing up with an older sister :)

Nights are becoming so much better.  You're frequently a night owl, but when you do go to sleep, you usually sleep through the night or only wake up once.  We like that.  I'm hoping you'll soon learn how to fall asleep without being swaddled and nursed to sleep.  Right now, you just kind of lose it when you're tired and nothing will work to calm you except to swaddle you and nurse you to sleep.  Dad's out of luck in that area, so please find something we can both do to appease you!

Teeth are coming in, so that makes life hard sometimes.  It seems like they are all coming at the same pace.  You have six swollen little spots on your poor gums.  I wonder when they will come in...and if they'll pop up all at once?  We calm you with oils and use them on your jaw for pain--what a difference it makes!  You''re also sporting some baltic amber these days.  Aren't we a crunchy family?  Lol!

We love our strong little boy so much.  Always use your strength and passion for God's purposes.  We've already started praying to that end.

Love, Mom

Nicknames: Boyo (Daddy's new name for you), Little Man, Logan Mark, Puppy, Chubbers
Temperament: Inquisitive.  Wanting to be a part of everything.  
Things I Could Do Without:  Teething.  It's so sad to see you like this!
Things You Could Do Without:  Teething.  It almost makes you more miserable than it makes me! ;-)
Item/Toy We Love The Most:  Right now, ice teethers.  They give you something to take your pain and anger out on.
Item/Toy You Love The Most:  The jumper is still a favorite.  You also recently discovered balls and the wooden bead maze toy.  It's fun to watch you try to grasp at them.
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now:  You're becoming more independent and able to entertain yourself for longer amounts of time.
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: Being a big boy!  Sitting up for longer periods of time (if we help you sit up--you're not able to do it yourself yet).  Playing with bigger toys.
Sounds/Words: You are getting loud!  Happy coos and shrieks .  You even startle yourself sometimes!
Foods You Like:  Milk...though I have a feeling you'd be totally happy at this point if we handed you a cheeseburger.  Pretty soon, Little Man.
Milestones: Eating your toes, sitting for longer periods, first round of teething, first trip to the beach.

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