Friday, June 29, 2012

We Have a New Tooth!

Ladies and gentlemen, after a week of not wanting to eat, 100* fevers, and not being able to sleep for more than 10 minutes at a time...

We have a new tooth!!!

I know, it's hard to see.  That tiny little white dot next to her two front teeth.  It's working on it, though.
And yes, it's worth jumping in the air for.

And clapping chubby hands together for :)

Now, doesn't that make us feel all grown up?


  1. Yay for new teeth! It is always so great when they finally pop thru and baby and momma can both feel better! Ben is working on a molar right now, it's no fun at all!

  2. I am glad your little lady can have some relief! Ivan got two teeth months ago, and no evidence of any more...

  3. Bitsy just hit 9 months and we still don't have any teeth.
    I'm not looking forward to them popping through :(

  4. Yay for a tooth! I'm always excited for them to poke through and have 'a reason' for all the issues. We were running a fever and being extra whinny and not sleeping and I then finally felt a molar and was so excited for the 'reason!'
    Hope she gets a little break before the next tooth.

  5. YAY! Glad it finally popped through! I remember my daughter was about 9 months and she had 6 popping through at once!! Not a fun time! Now she is 9 and getting her adult teeth! For some reason, it was a very sad day for me when she lost her second front tooth; like I lost my baby. She's so happy to be growing up and can't wait to be a teenager! Eekk! LOL!

  6. We're so proud of our Kayleigh girl and so happy that she has another tooth! Sleep well, all you dear Brubakers!

  7. Oh, so glad it's come through! Teething is the pits for baby AND Mom!


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