Thursday, June 28, 2012

{Blog Hop} Finding the Balance

Welcome to the very first blog hop ever hosted by Jordy Liz Blogs and Happy Homemaker Me!  Today, Jordy and I are swapping blogs to share with our readers about how we find the balance in our lives .  I'm posting over here, and Jordy's post is below for you to read and be encouraged by.  We're both really hoping that you'll post about the same topic and link up below.  We'd love to read about how you find balance in your life!


Hi, I'm Jordy, and I write over at Jordy Liz Blogs.

I came home from a long day of work and went straight to dinner with my husband for a church fundraiser. After dinner, we went to see a friend's new place and I am now watching the Bachelorette alongside my husband while answering emails and uploading this blog post. After this, I'll upload one more blog post, finish my Organizing Life challenge and send off a signed editing contract.

I don't feel like I "do it all," but some days, it seems like I have to somehow manage to figure out how to do it all. I'm a wife, daughter, friend, employee, blogger, and freelance editor. Somehow, I have to find the balance so I can give each of those roles my all.

I have always been a routine person, craving a schedule and plan. I tend to completely overload my plate and say "yes" to way too many people. But when the schedule gets packed tight, I have to figure out what is most important. I have to find the balance.

How do I do it?

First, I make sure to check myself.  If I need time to zone out or get out of the house, I make sure to keep up with those needs.  If I become overwhelmed or stressed, everything will fall to the wayside.  I will end up taking it out on my husband, slacking on my commitments, and completely shutting down on the inside.  When I'm in check, the rest is in check.

Then, I make sure to prioritize. My husband always comes first. If he needs time with me or time to talk, I set other items aside and make time for him. By doing this, he is more understanding when I need to spend time on my computer for the night taking care of different tasks. It also keeps us on the same page so we don't end up getting disconnected.

Lastly, I answer to my commitments. This includes editing contracts and jobs, blogging responsibilities, and writing gigs. I am a very committed person and it is important to be responsible and trustworthy. These commitments are hobbies of mine and I enjoy doing each of them. It fulfills me personally, as well. 

If I keep these three important parts of my life balanced, they all fall into place in a way that makes my time more efficient, my relationships more deeply connected, and my commitments more of a focus.

How do you keep the balance?

Now it's your turn!  Write a post about how you find the balance between responsibilities and joys in your life, and link up below!

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  1. Thank you for hosting this blog hop! I am enjoying reading about how other women handle things. We all juggle many different things in life and sometimes need help balancing. It's nice to read other women's stories.

  2. Darn! I missed this! I have been working on a similar post, will have to get that out soon! Thanks for the motivation. I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts! :)

  3. Hi Bethany. Your post inspired me but I couldn't get to it on time to include in the blog hop; so I thought I'd share it with you if you are interested. :) You can see it here


    1. Thanks, Ann! I'm hopping over right now to check it out :)


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