Thursday, October 30, 2014

10 Month Letter to Logan

Logan Mark,

This month, you are an adventurer.  You love to run, climb, explore, and figure things out on your own.  You don't seem to have any fear (or understanding of gravity).  I'm constantly amazed at how smart and strong and curious you are.  You're such a little boy already.

While you're still definitely a momma's boy, you love being let down to explore (as long as it's on your own terms).  Heaven forbid I set you down without your permission.  When I do, you fold in half and pout with some pretty convincing tears.  As long as the choice is yours, though, you want to be all over the floor, crawling, walking, running, tumbling, rolling, and climbing.  You try to climb everything these days!

One of your favorite parts of the day is saying goodbye to Daddy when he leaves in the morning.  Kayleigh has always stood on the mat and waved goodbye, and up until recently, I've always held you.  Now you want to stand on the mat, too, and often run after Daddy blowing kisses, waving, and saying "Byyyyyyyyye!" in that sweet high pitched voice that shows that you spend most of your time with your mom and sister ;-)  Another thing that has recently become just about the best privilege ever for you is when you get to be the person who leaves.  Daddy takes you with him and Kayleigh now when they go to get the mail, and you make the biggest show of going "bye bye!"  You want me to stand on the mat and wave until you're out of sight.  You puff up so big and proud when Daddy tells you you're going to get the mail.  It's an all-important job, and you're up to the task.

You've added some new words this month.  You surprised us just last night with "throw."  I didn't expect that to be one of your first words!  Such a boy!  You say Mama, Dada, Kayleigh (Kay-ee), hi, bye, night-night, tap, cat, and now throw.  You love throwing balls and chasing after them.  You and Kayleigh have a lot of fun with it these days.

She's still your favorite playmate.  The two of you have so much fun together.  We  sometimes have to remind Kayleigh to give you gentle hugs, and sometimes we have to remind you not to kiss with your teeth, but for the most part, you two love each other with a fierce love and are the best of friends.

Nicknames: Boyo, Little Man, Logan Mark, Puppy, Chunkers.
Temperament:  You still swing between the two extremes.  Extremely happy, extremely heartbroken.  It doesn't take much to get you from one to the other.
Things I Could Do Without:  You've developed this nasty new habit of pinching me with very sharp fingernails.  It seems to be something that soothes you while you're nursing, but you'll pinch my skin between two fingers and then drag your nails across my skin until your fingers meet in a tiny pinch.  Ouch!  
Things You Could Do Without: You've never been a fan of your car seat, but you still really hate being strapped in.  You also don't appreciate it when I dig something out of your mouth that you popped in there in secret.  Pieces of books, beads from Kayleigh's jewelry box, leaves, socks...I know, I destroy all of your fun.
Item/Toy We Love The Most:  Baby carriers!  As you grow older and more independent, I'm cherishing every time I get to put you in the Ergo or ring sling.  Holding you close to my heart, kissing the top of your head, tucking your toes into my hands, showing you everything from my view...I love this season of being your mommy.
Item/Toy You Love The Most:  Blocks, balls, toy cars.  Daddy and I are impressed that you try to stack blocks!
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now:  
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: 
Sounds/Words: Mama, Dada, Kayleigh (Kay-ee), hi, bye, cat, tap, throw, night night.
Foods You Like:  The only thing I've discovered that you don't like is quinoa.  That's ok, it's an acquired texture ;-)
Milestones: Your top two teeth came in this month, and you have 4 more looking like they will be here soon.  I wonder how many teeth will be in that little mouth by your first birthday!  You're already ahead of Kayleigh..she just had two.  And I have to give an honorable mention to your first Halloween :)