Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flower Girl Baskets

My childhood friend, Emily, got married recently.  There are so many pictures to post and so many things to tell!  But I thought I would share a tutorial on how to make the satin-lined flower girls baskets I made for her wedding.

Originally, the idea was to just buy some pretty little white flower girl baskets, but after several of us searching all of the shops in our hometowns, the search was in vain and we knew we would need to make our own. 

I took on the challenge, and was surprised that I couldn't even find white baskets!  All I could find at local craft store was natural wood baskets.  So, I added another step to the process and bought some white spray paint.

After sanding the baskets down lightly to make sure there were no splintery parts (very important when your flower girls are 2 and 5 years old!), I took them outside for the next step.

I used a large lid from a cardboard box (or one of the cartons they put your purchases in at Costco would work) to keep the paint from spraying everywhere.  Even though I did it outside, I didn't want white grass!

Painted up and pretty!

Let the baskets dry for a few hours before working on the next steps (2-3 hours should do it).

Next, I took the baskets inside and pinned a circle of satin to the perimeter of the basket.  I measured the diameter of the circle and then added about 8 inches to it when I cut the circle out.  Adding the satin lining to the basket gives it a touch of elegance and looks so pretty!

I used regular old straight pins from my sewing basket.  The wood in the basket I used was soft enough to push the pins right into it.  If the basket you're using is too dense to do this, try using clamps, or simple free-hand it when you use your hot glue gun to secure it.  Just make sure you're eying the fabric to make sure you're gathering it evenly!

When you're finished pinning, it should look like this:

If you're wondering why I didn't paint the handle white, don't worry!  It's going to be wrapped in satin ribbon.  :-)

A view of the basket's interior.  The satin will look really bulky while you're pinning it in, but don't worry.  When it's glued down and the decorative ribbon secures it, it looks just beautiful.  Trust me :-)

To decorate the handle, I wanted to finish the satin look.  I added white satin ribbon (1 inch thick).  It really pulled the whole thing together--and made it look so "wedding-ish."  Just remember to tack the ribbon down with glue every few wraps so that it doesn't fall apart in your flower girl's hands!

My favorite touch was using the same pearl/lace ribbon around the basket that I put on the ring bearer pillow I made.  I was really pleased with how the baskets were lined with the same satin I used for the pillow, and the same ribbon!  It made a beautiful set.

The purpose of the ribbon (aside from looking pretty!) is to hide the edges of the satin lining.  Voila!  All gone :-)

Next, it's time to dress your pretty little basket up!

All I used was some lavender ribbon, white ribbon, and little ribbon rosettes. 
There are endless possibilities o
f things that you could add.  The world is yours!

Here are the finished products:

So much fun!  I loved being able to add a handmade touch to Emily's wedding.

Here's a list of things you'll need to make it easier:
♥ wooden baskets
♥ fine sandpaper
♥ white spray paint (if your basket isn't white already)
♥ satin
♥ straight pins
♥ satin ribbon (one inch wide)
♥ hot glue gun
♥ edging ribbon (like the pearl/lace edging ribbon I used)
♥ little satin rosettes in the color of your choice
♥ matching satin ribbon (1/8" or 1/4" thick)

Let your creativity loose and have fun with what you come up with!  If you make one, send me a link of the picture!  I would love to see.

Don't limit yourself to the next wedding...find ways to make pretty satin-lined Christmas baskets or make your own Easter baske for your kids next year.  The possibilities are endless! 

Have fun! ♥


  1. What a great idea! They're super adorable! My two little girls will be two and nearly five next year when they will be flower girls in my brother's wedding. I'll keep this idea in mind in case the Bride can't find something she likes.

  2. WOW! That is beautiful!!! You should teach classes!!!!

  3. Save yourself the hassle and get a white basket at the craft store and decorate it. You can add ribbon to the handle and coordinating flowers to the brim. I used a large vase as my card box and got alot of compliments on it. I used diamonds and sapphire gems on the bottom as my theme was diamonds and sapphires, but a large cardboard box and some fabric is just as easy.


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