Monday, October 11, 2010

I Conquered My Challenge!

Last month, after looking around my house and realizing that I had more than enough craft odds and ends to keep me busy for a long time, I challenged myself to make 25 things out of what I already have before I allowed myself to walk into a craft store again.

It was a pretty difficult thing to do, considering how Michael's AND JoAnn's went on huge sales the week after I made the challenge.  That was painful!

I stuck to it, though, and after counting my things up yesterday, realized that I had surpassed my required 25 things!  I had a few projects stashed in one room, a few in another, some in this closet, some in that bag...story of my life!

But here I am, with about 30 beautiful newly created items that I can put on the table on Noveber 13th when Momma B and I do the craft fair together.  So exciting!

I'm not going to post pictures of all 25+ things that I made, but here are some of my highlights!

I made lots of bracelet/earrings sets...and this is one of my favorites!  I love the whimsical dragonfly clasps and matching earring dangles, and the way they compliment the pretty blue and green glass beads from my collection.

I found this cute dog button and pawprint ribbon on the same day and was determined to have some fun with it :-)

I love these yarns together!  My first ear-flaps baby hat.

I love these little flowers and had fun finding lots of ways to use them!

I put a small button on this one and added a bobby pin--such a sweet and easy accessory!

Super soft hooded sweater

I was sooo excited to be able to find these adorable little mother of pearl heart-shaped buttons to match the pink flecks in this litle sweater.  I love accessorizing :-)

That's a snippet of what's been keeping my busy for the last few weeks...

I'm excited for new things now!

Happy Homemaking!
♥ Bethany

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  1. Wow...all of these look amazing! You truly have a gift with crafts. :-)


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