Friday, October 29, 2010

Midnight Randomness

Jesse and I are old fogeys these days.  We're rarely up past midnight.  We got home from the church's Harvest Festival around 11pm, though, and I'm still hopped up on sugar.  My handsome man crashed on the couch about half an hour ago.

I was researching rib fractures when he fell asleep.  I have no idea how I may have done it, but I think I cracked a rib.  Maybe it's just bruised (although, there's no black and blue!) I don't just hurts.  It's been hurting all day.  I don't know what I did to it.  I'm a klutz, and I run into things so often that I don't even notice anymore.  But this is a pain I haven't had before.  Not sure what's up!  But there's really nothing a doctor can do (besides charge me for an xray and then say, "Yup, you sure did!")so I'm not really worrying about it.  We'll see what happens!

The Harvest Festival was a lot of fun tonight.  I got to meet Jesse and Matt beforehand for dinner at Baja Fresh (yay! love that place!) and then at the Harvest Festival, I got to help man the cake walk with some good friends, and Jesse got to be in the dunk tank.  It was a great night (minus my pain...not sure what to do about that!)  I wish I had pictures from Jesse in the dunk tank.  It was so much fun to watch him!  He is so lighthearted and jovial; it was clear that he had a great time.  And his youth group kids loved getting to dunk him! 

I thought of something funny that happened on Tuesday that I forgot to tell you.  We had Matt and Emily over while we were housesitting, and as they were preparing to leave late that evening, we were commenting on all of the Halloween decorations around the house.  Seriously!  That house has soooo many Halloween decorations.  I don't think I've seen a house so decked out before.  Now I want to see their house during Christmas!

Anyway, we were enjoying their decorations, and I pointed to a green foam jack-o-lantern.  "I've never seen a green one like this," I said as I tapped the green pumpkin.  It must have had a touch-sensor in it, because as soon as my fingers tapped it, the jack-o-lantern's eyes glowed red and it bellowed in a deep voice, "Mwa ha ha ha ha ha hah!"  I just about jumped out of my skin and screamed like the girliest girl around.  Ha!  My heart was pounding for a good ten minutes afterward.  Oh well, maybe that scare helped me burn some calories :-)

Blech, I hate being startled!


  1. you don't have a cough, do you? you can fracture a rib from coughing, sometimes... but my guess is maybe you pulled a muscle in the rib area?

  2. I don't have a cough...I get lots of rough hugs from the little ones I work with in SDC...and I crash into things on a regular basis :-)

    I don't think it's a muscle pain. My bones hurt :-(


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