Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Secret Ingredient

I swear, this kindergarten class is the cutest thing ever!

Lucas came up to me this morning and said, "My mom makes the bestest quesadillas!  And you know what?" He asked with big eyes.

"What?" I smiled, leaning in.

"She puts a secret ingredient in them!"

"Ohh!  A secret ingredient?  What is it?"

He motioned for me to bend down so he could whisper in my ear.  Pushing my hair aside, and checking to make sure no one else could hear, he whispered excitedly, "Cheese!"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It Must be March...

Here's a funny moment from Kindergarten science this morning:

We were learning about rocks, sand, and soil when I had a fun bit of information for them.  "Does anyone know what the hardest rock in the whole wide world is?"  (Kindergarteners don't know what precious stones or minerals are, for that matter, so "rock" is the word for diamonds!)

Many hands went up with suggestions like "mountains," "boulders," "lava rock," and others, but my favorite answer came from little Vincent, who threw his arm excitedly into the air and shouted out before even being called on, "Shamrocks!"

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Little Sister Makes Me Smile ♥

Laura Allyson Mueller Tu es si adorable. Mais tu le sais.

February 3 at 5:28pm ·  · 
Laura Allyson Mueller
Laura Allyson Mueller 
ps. J'ai obtenu un "A" sur mon test de français. mwahaha.
February 3 at 5:29pm · 
Bethany Brubaker
Bethany Brubaker 
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy! c'est merveilleux!
February 3 at 5:33pm · 
Bethany Brubaker
Bethany Brubaker 
but I highly doubt that "test" is "test" en français ;-)
February 3 at 5:33pm · 
Laura Allyson Mueller
Laura Allyson Mueller 
Actually it is. I think....
February 3 at 5:34pm · 
Laura Allyson Mueller
Laura Allys
on Mueller
Ah, no, that would be examen, I believe... rats. Good thing I didn't have to brag about the french test on the french test.
February 3 at 5:34pm · 
Bethany Brubaker
Bethany Brubaker 
neiner neiner neiner!

Ladies and gentleman, the old girl still has it!
February 3 at 5:36pm · 
Laura Allyson Mueller
Laura Allyson Mueller 
Oh pooh. Go clean the kitchen.

"Meet The Brubakers" isBack in Business

I've been so frustrated with my other blog and how everything disappeared that I haven't even touched it since it happened.

It was all screwy, and I couldn't figure out how to fix it, and no one ELSE could figure out how to fix it (I contacted Blogger and other pros 4 times), but it was no use.

So, today I was brave enough to export my blog, delete it, and import it to a new blog.  The URL is the same, but it doesn't look like it kept any of my followers.  So if you were following Jesse and my Meet the Brubakers blog, it hasn't disappeared completely.

Just click and follow away!

I'm excited to get to be creative with our blog again.  See you there!

I love my guy!

Jesse left this morning for the District Youth Gathering in Irvine.  He is on the planning committee, so he has to be there a day before everyone else.  I'm leaving the house at 7am tomorrow to pick up our Jr. High youth group kids in Glendora and then joining Jesse at the DYG.  I've never been to one before.

As excited as I am to go to my first DYG, saying goodbye to Jesse today was hard.  I hate saying goodbye to him--even for one night.  I know it sounds babyish, but that's the way it is.  And I don't think it'll ever change.

I just came home to an empty house, and was surprised when I heard music coming from our bedroom.  Jesse had made the bed (wow!) and even written LOVE on our green fleecy blanket that is so soft that you can leave a handprint in it.  He had pulled out my special pig (the one I've had since we were dating) and put some of his aftershave on its snout like he always does.  I love that, because then it smells like him!

On his laptop was this note, and the song "Everything" by Michael Buble was playing.

To my Beth, my Cutie, the one I adore,

         I love you so much that I find it hard to describe it as anything but simply love.  As we go about our days, weeks, months, our lives, I continue to love you more and more and I am sure that many years from now I will still be learning just what love is.

         To say that I will miss you tonight and even when we are in the same room and group tomorrow is not enough.  You are so much a part of my life and my joy that things just cannot be as amazing without you.

         I hope that you sleep well and dream of me through the night.  I look forward to seeing your beautiful smile tomorrow morning and I can’t wait to truly hold you close Sunday night. 

God bless, Cutie.  I love you.

Isn't he amazing?  I love him so much!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Those silly presidents...

Today, while reviewing pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in class, I asked the kindergarteners if they knew whose head was on the quarter.  They all stared blankly, so I gave them a hint.
"He was the very first president of the United States," I said.
Kevin shot his hand up.  "Obama!" He shouted, without even waiting to be called on.
Lauren shook her head. "That can't be Obama," she said importantly.  I sighed with relief that she could tell the difference between a very anglican-looking old man and the current president of the US.  All my hopes were dashed, however, when the reason she knew it wasn't Obama was because, "Obama's bald!"