Craft Corner

One of my favorite things to do is get together with a good friend and enjoy a Crafternoon!  There's nothing like spending the day making new creations, chattering and giggling, fellowshipping with someone who understands you, and enjoying a lovely cup of tea.

My crafternoons don't need to only include friends I can see face to face.  Come join me anytime for a wonderful crafternoon!

Send me an email ( anytime with pictures of your handmade lovelies.  I would love to see, and if it's alright with you, I'd love to share your creations here on Happy Homemaker Me!

Adoption Nest Egg
Air Freshener
Beautiful Springtime Bunting
♥ Cupcake Gift Set
Flower Girl Baskets
Flower Pen Pot
♥ Heart Garland
♥ Decoupage Wall Hanging
♥ "Love Bears All Things" Serving Tray
♥ Natural Gift Set for New Mothers
Saint Patrick's Day Wreath
♥ Three Loop Boutique Bow Barrette
♥ Tutu-torial



Natural Postpartum Recovery for New Mothers