Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

I had fun making one of these for my mother-in-love, and thought it was a cute and simple project to share with you!

I wish I had thought to make a tutorial before I created this wreath (I'm usually much more step-by-step-y).  As soon as I saw the end result, I thought, duh, Bethany, where was the camera???

So I quickly snapped pictures anyway, and we'll pretend that was the plan all along :-)

What you'll need:

♥6'' grapevine wreath

♥Sheer green ribbon (or whatever makes your Irish eyes smile)

♥Irish buttons--shamrocks, etc.

♥Center decoration--I used a Christmas ornament, but you can write a cute Irish saying on a little sign, hang any little Irish bauble you can find , or go without.

♥Hot glue gun

First, wrap your ribbon around the wreath.  Tack it in place with hot glue on the back so that the ribbon doesn't shift around.

Add cute little buttons between the wraps of ribbon...

I found this cute Irish shoe ornament on sale after Christmas, so I saved it, knowing I could find something to do with it.  We Irish are always crafty like that ;-)

Take another length of ribbon for the bow, and layer as many loops as you'd like.  I did 4.  Then twist and tie it, glue it in place, and add an extra embelishment to the center of the bow.

And there you go.  Taa daa!

Somethin' fit to be smilin' about.

Bain taithneamh as an deireadh seachtaine

(Enjoy the weekend)



  1. I love seasonal wreaths! Is Jesse's family Irish? David is part Irish, as you can tell by our last name. I'll have to think of something fun for St Patrick's Day. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Jesse and I both have very Irish mothers (my mom's maiden name is O'toole and MIL's maiden is Ralston).

    Look at for some fun ideas. They have a kid's section, too!


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