Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our House is Coming Apart


But it's ok.

Our landlords are paying for it ;-)

Many renovations are being made, and we're very appreciative!

Currently, the bathroom is the project.  We have two bathrooms in this house: the blue bathroom has a toilet, sink, and bathtub, and the yellow bathroom has (or, HAD) a toilet, sink, and shower.

The yellow bathroom is no more.  At least, it has no walls, ceiling, or floor (or amenities).

Makes life interesting, no?

Our dear friends, our landlords (do you know the whole story? I've known them since I was 5 or 6 years old!) are having the yellow bathroom remodeled.  New shower, new flooring, new everything.  It's going to be wonderful!

But right now things are kind of tricky.  Having the shower remodeled means that we only have the blue bathroom right now...which only has a bathtub.  And while candlelit baths can be romantic, trying to stay warm in one at 6am when it's still pitch black outside isn't.  Neither is trying to wash your hair with a cup like a mom washes her two year old's.

Coming home to random men in my house is also kind of strange.

But, these things shall pass.  And then, we will be moving on to installing new flooring in our kitchen and craft room.

So...life isn't normal right now.  Not by any means.

And they say it probably won't be until the beginning of April.

Hang tight!


  1. When one of my best friends was a newlywed, she and her hubby bought his grandma's little house and started working on it...bathroom first. ONLY bathroom first. They had to run down to his folks house to use the shower.

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. lol, I AM thankful that we have two!
    I've thought about running to our neighbors' for a nice hot shower, though!

  3. Yay for renovation! Boo for only having a bathtub left though. I hope it's done soon!


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