Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thankfulness on a Rainy Day

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It's been pouring all day.

My favorite kind of stay-in-bed day.  It's perfect.  It's cold and grey outside, our bedroom has a misty blue hue to it, I'm under a pile of crocheted blankets and handmade quilts, and I feel perfectly content.

I've had lots of time to think today...and today, my thoughts are filled with thankfulness.

I'm thankful for my husband

I'm thankful for how he makes me laugh. I'm thankful for how he comforts me.  I'm thankful for how he pushes me out of my comfort zone every so often to show me that I can do more than I think I'm capable of.  I'm thankful for his strong arms, and for how he can make the big bad world go away with a stroke of my hair and a kiss on my cheek.


I'm thankful for all of our quirky fun

My handsome man seriously cracks me up!

Who would have thought that I would have married such a ham?

I'm thankful that he pulls me out of my shell.

I'm thankful for our teamwork

I love working side by side with him...whether it's at our home, our church, or on the mission field.

I love that we understand each other.  Words.  Expressions.  Silent conversations from across a crowded room.

I'm thankful for the way he serves me

Not the "I'm a princess and I demand to be treated as such" kind of serving, the "Bethany, I promised you my heart, and everything in me wants to make you happy" kind.  It's humbling.  It's exhilarating.  It's more than I could ever deserve, and I'm reminded of that daily.

Most of all,

I'm thankful that this incredible man chose me.

He could have had any girl (believe me!)

But after pursuing my heart for a year, he asked me to marry him.

It's been nearly three years since I became his wife.

I never knew happily ever after could be so wonderful.


  1. I think we are experiencing the same rain! I love that spot on the 1 Highway. The Big Sur coastline and South is so pretty! Sounds like you have a good man there! ;-)

  2. Ohh...very sweet, Bethany! Y'all are truly blessed!

    : )

    Julie M.

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