Thursday, October 30, 2014

10 Month Letter to Logan

Logan Mark,

This month, you are an adventurer.  You love to run, climb, explore, and figure things out on your own.  You don't seem to have any fear (or understanding of gravity).  I'm constantly amazed at how smart and strong and curious you are.  You're such a little boy already.

While you're still definitely a momma's boy, you love being let down to explore (as long as it's on your own terms).  Heaven forbid I set you down without your permission.  When I do, you fold in half and pout with some pretty convincing tears.  As long as the choice is yours, though, you want to be all over the floor, crawling, walking, running, tumbling, rolling, and climbing.  You try to climb everything these days!

One of your favorite parts of the day is saying goodbye to Daddy when he leaves in the morning.  Kayleigh has always stood on the mat and waved goodbye, and up until recently, I've always held you.  Now you want to stand on the mat, too, and often run after Daddy blowing kisses, waving, and saying "Byyyyyyyyye!" in that sweet high pitched voice that shows that you spend most of your time with your mom and sister ;-)  Another thing that has recently become just about the best privilege ever for you is when you get to be the person who leaves.  Daddy takes you with him and Kayleigh now when they go to get the mail, and you make the biggest show of going "bye bye!"  You want me to stand on the mat and wave until you're out of sight.  You puff up so big and proud when Daddy tells you you're going to get the mail.  It's an all-important job, and you're up to the task.

You've added some new words this month.  You surprised us just last night with "throw."  I didn't expect that to be one of your first words!  Such a boy!  You say Mama, Dada, Kayleigh (Kay-ee), hi, bye, night-night, tap, cat, and now throw.  You love throwing balls and chasing after them.  You and Kayleigh have a lot of fun with it these days.

She's still your favorite playmate.  The two of you have so much fun together.  We  sometimes have to remind Kayleigh to give you gentle hugs, and sometimes we have to remind you not to kiss with your teeth, but for the most part, you two love each other with a fierce love and are the best of friends.

Nicknames: Boyo, Little Man, Logan Mark, Puppy, Chunkers.
Temperament:  You still swing between the two extremes.  Extremely happy, extremely heartbroken.  It doesn't take much to get you from one to the other.
Things I Could Do Without:  You've developed this nasty new habit of pinching me with very sharp fingernails.  It seems to be something that soothes you while you're nursing, but you'll pinch my skin between two fingers and then drag your nails across my skin until your fingers meet in a tiny pinch.  Ouch!  
Things You Could Do Without: You've never been a fan of your car seat, but you still really hate being strapped in.  You also don't appreciate it when I dig something out of your mouth that you popped in there in secret.  Pieces of books, beads from Kayleigh's jewelry box, leaves, socks...I know, I destroy all of your fun.
Item/Toy We Love The Most:  Baby carriers!  As you grow older and more independent, I'm cherishing every time I get to put you in the Ergo or ring sling.  Holding you close to my heart, kissing the top of your head, tucking your toes into my hands, showing you everything from my view...I love this season of being your mommy.
Item/Toy You Love The Most:  Blocks, balls, toy cars.  Daddy and I are impressed that you try to stack blocks!
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now:  
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: 
Sounds/Words: Mama, Dada, Kayleigh (Kay-ee), hi, bye, cat, tap, throw, night night.
Foods You Like:  The only thing I've discovered that you don't like is quinoa.  That's ok, it's an acquired texture ;-)
Milestones: Your top two teeth came in this month, and you have 4 more looking like they will be here soon.  I wonder how many teeth will be in that little mouth by your first birthday!  You're already ahead of Kayleigh..she just had two.  And I have to give an honorable mention to your first Halloween :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

9 Month Letter to Logan

Dear Logan,

Your 9th month has been quite an adventure for you.  You broke your finger, learned to walk, added more words, and got to come with Mom and Dad to the Essential Oil Convention in Salt Lake City.

You had your 9 month baby appointment on September 11th, and all four of us went (it was Daddy's day off).  You did great, even though you didn't appreciate the shots, and we went home for a calm day of cuddling after that.  In the evening, you got into the open pantry while we were making dinner, and you knocked a class jar off of a shelf.  It landed on your pinky finger and, oh my baby, that's one of the scariest times I've been through.  Your little finger turned purple and swelled to more than twice its size.  I tried to calm you by nursing you so that we could ice your finger, but you could not stop screaming.  We swiped some oils on your finger to help with the swelling, put a few more oils on you to help calm you, and then I put you in your car seat and drove to Urgent Care while Daddy stayed behind to put Kayleigh in bed.  We are 45 minutes away from the closest Urgent Care our insurance will cover (got to change that!!!) so I was so glad when you fell asleep on the drive.  When we got to the hospital, I woke you up and carried you in.  You were smiling and waving to everyone while I was trying to check you in, and when the doctor came in to see you, you tried to give her a high five with your injured hand!  I was starting to think that maybe I was crazy for bringing you in since the swelling was down, the color was better, and you were clearly not in the significant amount of pain you were when we were at home.  But sure enough, after the Xrays came back, the doctor told us that your finger was broken.  I was so sad for you!  But wow...what a testimony to our good God and these amazing oils.  We applied oils to your finger for two weeks, but you stopped acting like it bothered you after just a few days.  Praise God!

Another big excitement (much more positive) was that you got to join us for the Convention.  Kayleigh stayed behind and spent time with Grammy, Papa, YiaYia, and Ami, but you got to brave the 10 hour drive up and the 4 days of being whisked around from one event to the next.  You were a trooper, though!  I made a different shirt for you to wear for each day of the Convention, and you stole many hearts with your big smiles and happy waves.
"I hit SILVER in my sleep!" 
It felt very full-circle to reflect about how my pregnancy with you is what got us started on our essential oil journey, and while at Convention, you got to go across the stage with us celebrating our achievement as Silvers. 

September was also the first time you got to go to Bible Study Fellowship as a participant.  Last year, I wore you in the Ergo and took you to my class, but this year, you got to go to your own class.  I was anxious about the thought of leaving you with people you do not know (since you have given several loved ones very difficult times when we leave you behind to go on a date) but you've been a champ at BSF!  I think it has to do with the fact that there are so many other babies there and that you're such a social little person.  You seem to love it, and I'm so thankful for that!

We love you so much, Logan Mark.  So, so much.

Love, Mommy

Nicknames: Boyo, Little Man, Logan Mark, Puppy, and whatever character Kayleigh decides you are for the day.
Temperament: Happy happy, except when teething or tired. 
Things I Could Do Without:  Broken bones!  Never again, ok?
Things You Could Do Without: You don't seem to mind when we tell you not to do something.  You just smile and wave and keep on doing it.  Hopefully that changes soon!
Item/Toy We Love The Most:  We bought a diffuser for your room, and we love it!  You're sleeping better now, and we. are. so. thankful.
Item/Toy You Love The Most: I'm always asking why we need toys in this house.  YOU don't need toys; you just need people to love you and something to hold in your hand as you walk around the house (preferably paper that you can eat.  That's definitely a favorite right now)
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now:  You wave at everyone and say "Hiiiiiiiiiii!" in a very high pitched squeal.  It always makes people smile.
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: Playing Peek-a-Boo, holding onto something flat and scooting it across the floor while your propel yourself with your legs.  You are FAST!
Sounds/Words: You say "a-doo" when playing Peek-a-Boo, and it's absolutely adorable!  Also Mama, Dada, hi, bye, and tap.
Foods You Like: You will eat anything we give you.  Chicken, pasta, cooked vegetables, love it all.
Milestones: First steps!  Like a true mom of two, I didn't write down the day you took your first step, but you took it here at our house with Mommy and Daddy both watching.  It was so special!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why My Family Loves Essential Oils

Our journey with essential oils began with this little guy

Last year while I was pregnant with Logan, I was horrifically sick with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. The medication I was on so that I could just keep down sips of water was giving me awful migraines.  The pain from the migraines made me so miserable, and Tylenol just wasn't cutting it.  I started searching for something else.  There must be something else!  I was desperate.  I bought a raw Baltic amber necklace.  I told my husband that I was ready to pay for a rain dance if someone told me it would help my headaches go away.  And then a friend told me that someone was coming over to talk with her about using Essential Oils for her daughter's growing pains...and maybe there would be something for my headaches, too.

I was familiar with Essential Oils.  My mom had sworn by Tea Tree oil for every cut, scrape, and bug bite we ever got as kids.  I had a bottle of Lavender oil that I had bought at (gasp) Target and used to make my Natural Postpartum Gift Set that has brought a lot of traffic to my blog.  But mostly, essential oils were just used in my home as a natural alternative to chemical-filled household cleaners.  I had rid my house of all of those when Kayleigh was born, only using vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils for the past two years.

Jesse and I went to that first Essential Oils class ready for the lady to tell us exactly what we needed for my headaches.  We expected to plunk down $20-$40 for whatever she said would work, and then walk away without ever looking back.  I laugh now to think of it :)

Instead of finding one simple quick fix at the class that night, Jesse and I were completely amazed to learn how truly impacting Essential Oils can be to every aspect of our life.  We walked out that night with a whole new outlook on our healthcare.  

Essential Oils are now our way of life.  I'm so thankful that I can care for my little ones at home instead of having to run to the doctor for every little thing.  What a difference that makes!  Instead of feeling helpless as parents when our children are not at their best, Jesse and I are empowered.

We have spent the last year researching articles, learning from others who use Essential Oils, listening to experts in the field, and using our oils every day.  

Essential Oils are just too wonderful to keep to ourselves.  Jesse and I are excited to launch our new website, New Leaf Essentials, and are looking forward to sharing more about these amazing natural solutions with you!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8 Month Letter to Logan


Every day, someone comments, "He's getting so big!"

And you are.  And a little bit of me cries each time it's said.  You're growing into your puppy feet and your hair is so long it's falling into your eyes and spilling down your neck.  Your legs are strong enough for you to stand on, and you're like a speed demon when it comes to crawling these days.  You relish in exploring new tastes and foods, and your chubby little fingers are getting better at grasping small pieces and bringing them to your mouth.  You're growing, growing, growing.  But you know what?  Right now, this very second, you're the smallest you'll ever be again, and so I just smile and kiss your chubby cheeks and let people comment away about how big you're getting.  You're still so small to me.

Your chubby rolls are so kissable, and you snuggle in so sweetly.  You love to be held, worn, are still our "heartbeat baby."  You have two sharp and sparkly little teeth, and as much as you enjoy eating new foods, your favorite is still Momma's milk.

Our nursing relationship started out pretty rocky.  You've never been easy to nurse, but I think this month has been the best yet.  I love this time we share together.  As you keep growing up and gaining independence, you need me less and less.  For the first 6 months of your life, I could barely ever set you down.  You woke up as soon as your skin touched mine, and you would cry as if you were in physical pain.  You're still like that 30% of the the time, but I know the day will come all too soon when you won't even fit on my lap anymore.  As much as I love our togetherness right now, I promise to you right now that I will never be the creepy mom from "Love You Forever" who climbs in through her grown son's bedroom window to hold him and rock him at night.

This is our time right now, baby, and oh, I love it so much!

You and Kayleigh are still the best of friends.  You adore her so much that I have to use the baby gate to block you from the hallway when she is sleeping so that you don't crawl to her door and call to her.  When it is time for her to wake up, all I have to do is say, "Let's go get Kayleigh" and you bolt down the hallway squealing with joy.  She is so protective of you and does a great job of following you around and taking things away from you that are not safe for you to have.  She always replaces the no-no item with one of your toys, and it makes my heart burst to see how lovingly she takes care of you.  The two of you play so well together.  It makes me so happy to watch!


I can't end this letter without talking about how much you love your daddy.  You follow him around like a puppy when he's home, and have recently joined the daily farewell at the door--except that you don't stop at the door, you crawl after him like you hope he'll take you with him.  You have also figured out that Daddy is the best rough houser around.  He can make you laugh like no other.

We love you so much, Logan Mark.  These are happy, happy days, and we are so thankful that you're part of our family.


Nicknames: Boyo, Little Man, Logan Mark, Puppy, Lois (Kayleigh came up with that this month.  She also calls you Quincy.  I have no idea why.)
Temperament: Happy, hands-on, becoming more independent 
Things I Could Do Without:  Teething.  I'm thankful we have oils to help you feel better!
Things You Could Do Without: Us interfering with your curiosity.  Mom, don't take me away from there!  That outlet looks really tasty!  What do you mean I can't suck on the trash can?
Item/Toy We Love The Most:  The little musical activity table.  You stand at it now and boogie to the music, just like Kayleigh used to.  It makes me happy.
Item/Toy You Love The Most:  Kayleigh.  Kayleigh is absolutely, hands-down, your favorite.  The vertical blinds in the living room are a close second.
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now:  The way you blow kisses, giggle when we tickle your belly, and the way you clap when you're happy.  (It looks more like "make it rain," but it's so cute)
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: Blowing raspberries, blowing kisses, biting our toes as stealthily as you can, and singing your heart out.
Sounds/Words: You say "Momma" and "Dadda" and "Hi!"  We haven't identified you trying to say Kayleigh's name, but you know exactly who we're talking about when her name is spoken.
Foods You Like:  You still love milk, but you're also having a lot of fun trying new things.  Some current favorites: Sweet Potato, Avocado, Banana, Peach, and those little finger food puffs.  We're going the Baby Led Weaning route and letting you sample healthy, soft foods from our plates and feed yourself.  You're doing great!  You're also obsessed with drinking water out of a cup.  You are so proud of your little big boy self!
Milestones: Standing up unassisted, developing very good fine motor skills by self-feeding.  Drinking from a sippy cup and a straw cup.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 Month Letter to Logan

My baby boy,

I had a list of things I had planned to do tonight, but then you fell asleep on my chest while I was washing dishes and I just had to sit down and treasure it.  You're 5 months old today, Logan, and you're in such a hurry to not be a baby any more that whenever you do something so preciously newborn-esque, I can't help but stop to enjoy it.

These moments with chubby cheeks and dimpled fingers pressed against my skin while you sleep...sweaty brown hair curling at your neck...little twitches that remind me that you never stop moving--even in your sleep.  The way you lift your head, lock eyes with me, and then settle in again once you're content that we're still as we were when you drifted off.

I'm so proud of my big boy and so sad at how quickly your babyhood is disappearing.  I'm constantly caught between deciding which emotion to allow to lead.  You are solidly in 9 month clothing now, and everyone thinks you're at least that old based on your size.  You are so strong and so inquisitive.  You reach for anything in your path and grab at it with very clumsy little chubby hands.  I can tell that you are going to love big people food when we let you have a taste of it.  You eye everything on our plates and try your best to grab it right off our forks.

You truly delight in your sister.  And she delights in you.  Every time you hear Kayleigh's name, you sit up a bit straighter and search for her with excited eyes.  She kisses you and sings to you and often has to be reminded about "gentle love" because her love for you is so fierce.  Please always be best friends.  I know there will be days with squabbles and anger between the two of you, but please always love her.  God gave us siblings as our first best friends.  I treasure the relationship I have with your Uncle Jon Jon.  I'm sure he could tell you a thing or two about growing up with an older sister :)

Nights are becoming so much better.  You're frequently a night owl, but when you do go to sleep, you usually sleep through the night or only wake up once.  We like that.  I'm hoping you'll soon learn how to fall asleep without being swaddled and nursed to sleep.  Right now, you just kind of lose it when you're tired and nothing will work to calm you except to swaddle you and nurse you to sleep.  Dad's out of luck in that area, so please find something we can both do to appease you!

Teeth are coming in, so that makes life hard sometimes.  It seems like they are all coming at the same pace.  You have six swollen little spots on your poor gums.  I wonder when they will come in...and if they'll pop up all at once?  We calm you with oils and use them on your jaw for pain--what a difference it makes!  You''re also sporting some baltic amber these days.  Aren't we a crunchy family?  Lol!

We love our strong little boy so much.  Always use your strength and passion for God's purposes.  We've already started praying to that end.

Love, Mom

Nicknames: Boyo (Daddy's new name for you), Little Man, Logan Mark, Puppy, Chubbers
Temperament: Inquisitive.  Wanting to be a part of everything.  
Things I Could Do Without:  Teething.  It's so sad to see you like this!
Things You Could Do Without:  Teething.  It almost makes you more miserable than it makes me! ;-)
Item/Toy We Love The Most:  Right now, ice teethers.  They give you something to take your pain and anger out on.
Item/Toy You Love The Most:  The jumper is still a favorite.  You also recently discovered balls and the wooden bead maze toy.  It's fun to watch you try to grasp at them.
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now:  You're becoming more independent and able to entertain yourself for longer amounts of time.
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: Being a big boy!  Sitting up for longer periods of time (if we help you sit up--you're not able to do it yourself yet).  Playing with bigger toys.
Sounds/Words: You are getting loud!  Happy coos and shrieks .  You even startle yourself sometimes!
Foods You Like:  Milk...though I have a feeling you'd be totally happy at this point if we handed you a cheeseburger.  Pretty soon, Little Man.
Milestones: Eating your toes, sitting for longer periods, first round of teething, first trip to the beach.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4 Month Letter to Logan

Hey there Little Man,

It dawned on me today that I'd better call you that as long as I's barely true any more!  You have gone through a huge growth spurt, from 7lbs9oz at the hospital, to over 17lbs four months later.  You are currently more than half of Kayleigh's weight and more than half her height--and she has a 26 month head start on you!  I wonder how long it will be before things even out?

You're already in 6 month clothing, and the little Carter's jeans you wore today were a little long, but they were size 9 months.  Eek!  I'm sure it'll feel like 2 weeks from now that we're going through the shoe store trying to find dress shoes in size 14 for your first dance.  Slow down, baby.

You still would rather be held over anything else, but you're starting to be ok if we put you down for a little while.  Mostly in the mornings, but hey, we'll take it!  You rolled over for the first time on March 19th, and boy were you proud of yourself!  Since that day, you've seemed much more content to be on your own.  You are getting so strong.  You're able to support your upper body all by yourself, so we set up your jumper last week.  It's cute to watch you bounce up and down as you kick your little legs off the ground and try to grab at the toys around the jumper.  I have a feeling that thing is going to be a favorite for a long time!

About 3 weeks ago, you finally started sleeping in your cradle for more than 15 minutes at a time.  We've always teased that you're a heartbeat baby--if what you're sleeping on doesn't have a heartbeat, you'll wake up right away (this is still 100% true during the day).  We're at the point where we can put you in your cradle when we go to bed, and you'll sleep through til about 4am, usually.  When I hear you stir and cry, I go into your room and bring you back to our bed.  I'm much more rested when you're only with me for a few hours instead of wiggling and kicking me all night long!  And oh, I love your sleepy smiles and sweet little snores.  I don't want to jinx myself, but you have slept straight through the night (9 hours each time!) three of the last four nights.  Here's hoping!!!

People tell me all the time that I need to start letting you get used to not being held all the time.  I used to secretly think the same about other moms I saw who never put their babies down.  What I didn't realize back then is how big of a factor the baby's personality is.  I've long since stopped comparing you to your sister and just love you for who you are--and right now, you need to be held.  Truthfully, at first, it exasperated me.  I didn't know how to parent two children when my arms were always filled with one.  But you know what, Logan?  Your eyes are so full of love.  I've never seen a baby express that much emotion with tiny little eyes that are still learning to focus.  When you look at me, I can just feel the love pouring out of you.  I know God has big plans for that beautiful heart of yours.  I've started praying for it daily.  I think, as mothers, we see our children's strengths early.  I pray that your heart will always be full of love for those around you, that you'll have a big servant's heart like your daddy's, that God will use your heart to bring others to Him.

Your giggles are in full swing these days.  I love to hear you laugh!  It doesn't take much at all--just a happy glance your way, and you're giggling and squealing for more.  Something that can always make you laugh right now is when we take your little arms and raise them above your head, then bring them back down to your lap.  I have no idea why.  You just think it's hilarious, though, so we do it all the time.  I hope you're always this easy to entertain!

It is so much fun to watch you and Kayleigh together.  The conversations you two hold together!  My heart just bursts with joy and treasures these times where, in each others' eyes, you can do no wrong.  I know the days will come when I'll wish we were right back here, where there is no fighting, no name-calling, and no tattling.  These are precious days.  I try my best to treasure them in my heart.

Hobbes was bigger than YOU when you were born!

Four months old, already, Logan Mark.  The days are just flying by and I feel like I'm already grasping at them to come back.

We love our boy so much!

Love, Mom

Nicknames: Smiley Boy, Mr. Logan, Little Man, Logan Mark
Temperament: Momma's boy :)  
Things I Could Do Without:  Your frantic cries from the other room while I try to tuck Kayleigh in for bed.  Nap/bedtime is the hardest part of my day, having to leave you out there while I spend a few moments of one-on-one time with your sister.  But you get it all day long, and she deserves some Mommy time, too.
Things You Could Do Without:  Ever being out of my sight :)
Item/Toy We Love The Most:  The jumper is our new favorite thing!  It's so much fun to watch you.  You're getting stronger every day!
Item/Toy You Love The Most:  You haven't really attached to any toy.  You love your fingers.  You're still not a thumbsucker, but you will suck on any part of your hand that goes into your mouth.  Sometimes, both hands at once!
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now:  Your belly-laugh.  My goodness, no one can listen to that and resist smiling.  I hope you can always spread joy this easily!
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: Blowing raspberries, laughing at Kayleigh, being held.
Sounds/Words: Kayleigh tries to translate your sentences for us.  It's pretty humorous.
Foods You Like: Momma's milk, but NEVER from a bottle.  On the few occasions I've left you behind, you've cried and made it very clear that you'd rather starve than try a bottle.  Oh boy.
Milestones: Rolling over! You're also very close to being able to tripod.  Sometimes you can sit up by yourself for about 30 seconds without even using your hands.  Your strength amazes me!  What will this upcoming month bring?

Friday, January 31, 2014

Two Month Letter to Logan

Dear Logan,

I'm writing this letter to you while you're curled up on my chest, sound asleep.  That's the way we do life these days--you and me, always together.  What a little cuddle bug you are!  When my arms are crying for a break, but you're crying that you don't want to be put down, I just snuggle you in harder and remember to cherish these moments because I know you won't always want to be this close to me.  It's a funny thing to have to remember to cherish something.  Maybe you won't understand this because you'll never be a mom, but I hope someday you'll be a dad.  And when you are, I hope you'll be as good at coming home and rescuing your tired wife like your daddy is so good at rescuing me.  You were born into a home full of so much love, baby boy.

Speaking of things to cherish, I will always treasure these sweet moments of watching you with your sister Kayleigh.  It amazes me what best little friends the two of you are already.  Getting to see you is the first thing she asks for every morning.  She covers you with kisses, and we often have to remind her to stop and let you breathe.  She loves you so much!  You love her, too (even though you usually cry like a typical boy whenever she smothers you with kisses) and I love the way you smile at her as she talks to you or sings to you.  Daddy and I pray every day that you will always have such a close relationship.  My brother is one of my favorite people in the world.  The spacing between you and Kayleigh is almost the same as between your Uncle Jon and me.  I praise God that you and Kayleigh have each other to go through life's adventures.

You are growing so fast.  You've nearly doubled your weight since birth--what a chunker!  Your rolls are filling out, and you've definitely added another chin or two this month.  You're solidly into size 3 month clothing already.  Even though you were smaller than Kayleigh was at birth, I think you're working hard to catch up to her now!

Your baptism was two weeks ago.  What a beautiful, special day!  Daddy got to baptize you, and you wore a beautiful little baptism outfit that was lovingly made by your Grammy.  It was a small gathering since so many of our loved ones have been dealing with illnesses, and your aunts and uncle are so far away right now, but it was a day covered in love.  Yiayia, Papa and Grammy, Tyler, Stacey, and Bine Stover, Matt and Emily Terhune, Greg Wilson, and Jim and Charlotte Friebus all came to the service to celebrate your special day.  Tyler and Stacey are your godparents.  They have been dear friends of ours ever since Daddy and I have been married, and they love you and your sister very much.

You make our days brighter, little guy.  Our days brighter, and our nights longer.  Much, much longer!  Work on sleeping at night and being awake during the day, ok?  Mommy and Daddy love your bright, smiley face!  (We'd also love to not see it at 3am).

We love you so much!

Love, Mom

Nicknames: Puppy, Smiley Boy, Mr. Logan, Floppy Puppy, Snuggle Puppy, Chubbers
Temperament: Happy when being held
Things I Could Do Without: The fact that you will only sleep at night if you're in bed next to me.  I've always been so cautious about SIDS, and the fact that I don't get to sleep unless you're in bed makes me so nervous.  It also means that even when I'm sleeping, I'm not really getting good sleep...
Things You Could Do Without: Being put down.  Ever.  You hate being put in the cradle, the bouncer, the rock 'n' play...even being set down on the changing table is enough separation to break your little heart.
Item/Toy We Love The Most:  Our Ergo and Moby.  They allow us to hold you while still accomplishing things we need to do (Public Service Announcement: Life with two kids doesn't go on pause when the baby needs to be held.  Boooooy are we learning that!)
Item/Toy You Love The Most:  You're trying hard to find your thumb, I think.  I've tried to help you, but it seems to be something you need to discover on your own.  Maybe you'll be able to self-soothe when you find it!  That's my hope...
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now: I love it when you chuckle  in your sleep.  It's the cutest thing!  I also love all the smiles and chuckles we get when you're awake now, too.
Things You're Loving Most Right Now:  You smile when we tickle you or give you kisses.  You also love to be sung to--whether it's Kayleigh singing to you or Dad or me.  But really, you're happy no matter what as long as you're in someone's arms.
Sounds/Words: You coo and interact with us and it makes my heart burst.  I'm looking forward to so many things to come!
Foods You Like: This answer is going to be the same for a while :)  Milk!  We haven't introduced you to a bottle yet.  You and I have never been separated long enough for you to need one!
Milestones: Baptism!  Welcome to the family of God, our sweet little one!