Friday, January 31, 2014

Two Month Letter to Logan

Dear Logan,

I'm writing this letter to you while you're curled up on my chest, sound asleep.  That's the way we do life these days--you and me, always together.  What a little cuddle bug you are!  When my arms are crying for a break, but you're crying that you don't want to be put down, I just snuggle you in harder and remember to cherish these moments because I know you won't always want to be this close to me.  It's a funny thing to have to remember to cherish something.  Maybe you won't understand this because you'll never be a mom, but I hope someday you'll be a dad.  And when you are, I hope you'll be as good at coming home and rescuing your tired wife like your daddy is so good at rescuing me.  You were born into a home full of so much love, baby boy.

Speaking of things to cherish, I will always treasure these sweet moments of watching you with your sister Kayleigh.  It amazes me what best little friends the two of you are already.  Getting to see you is the first thing she asks for every morning.  She covers you with kisses, and we often have to remind her to stop and let you breathe.  She loves you so much!  You love her, too (even though you usually cry like a typical boy whenever she smothers you with kisses) and I love the way you smile at her as she talks to you or sings to you.  Daddy and I pray every day that you will always have such a close relationship.  My brother is one of my favorite people in the world.  The spacing between you and Kayleigh is almost the same as between your Uncle Jon and me.  I praise God that you and Kayleigh have each other to go through life's adventures.

You are growing so fast.  You've nearly doubled your weight since birth--what a chunker!  Your rolls are filling out, and you've definitely added another chin or two this month.  You're solidly into size 3 month clothing already.  Even though you were smaller than Kayleigh was at birth, I think you're working hard to catch up to her now!

Your baptism was two weeks ago.  What a beautiful, special day!  Daddy got to baptize you, and you wore a beautiful little baptism outfit that was lovingly made by your Grammy.  It was a small gathering since so many of our loved ones have been dealing with illnesses, and your aunts and uncle are so far away right now, but it was a day covered in love.  Yiayia, Papa and Grammy, Tyler, Stacey, and Bine Stover, Matt and Emily Terhune, Greg Wilson, and Jim and Charlotte Friebus all came to the service to celebrate your special day.  Tyler and Stacey are your godparents.  They have been dear friends of ours ever since Daddy and I have been married, and they love you and your sister very much.

You make our days brighter, little guy.  Our days brighter, and our nights longer.  Much, much longer!  Work on sleeping at night and being awake during the day, ok?  Mommy and Daddy love your bright, smiley face!  (We'd also love to not see it at 3am).

We love you so much!

Love, Mom

Nicknames: Puppy, Smiley Boy, Mr. Logan, Floppy Puppy, Snuggle Puppy, Chubbers
Temperament: Happy when being held
Things I Could Do Without: The fact that you will only sleep at night if you're in bed next to me.  I've always been so cautious about SIDS, and the fact that I don't get to sleep unless you're in bed makes me so nervous.  It also means that even when I'm sleeping, I'm not really getting good sleep...
Things You Could Do Without: Being put down.  Ever.  You hate being put in the cradle, the bouncer, the rock 'n' play...even being set down on the changing table is enough separation to break your little heart.
Item/Toy We Love The Most:  Our Ergo and Moby.  They allow us to hold you while still accomplishing things we need to do (Public Service Announcement: Life with two kids doesn't go on pause when the baby needs to be held.  Boooooy are we learning that!)
Item/Toy You Love The Most:  You're trying hard to find your thumb, I think.  I've tried to help you, but it seems to be something you need to discover on your own.  Maybe you'll be able to self-soothe when you find it!  That's my hope...
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now: I love it when you chuckle  in your sleep.  It's the cutest thing!  I also love all the smiles and chuckles we get when you're awake now, too.
Things You're Loving Most Right Now:  You smile when we tickle you or give you kisses.  You also love to be sung to--whether it's Kayleigh singing to you or Dad or me.  But really, you're happy no matter what as long as you're in someone's arms.
Sounds/Words: You coo and interact with us and it makes my heart burst.  I'm looking forward to so many things to come!
Foods You Like: This answer is going to be the same for a while :)  Milk!  We haven't introduced you to a bottle yet.  You and I have never been separated long enough for you to need one!
Milestones: Baptism!  Welcome to the family of God, our sweet little one!

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  1. Sounds like you are in your fourth trimester... When Gibbs hit 3 months he grew out of it and became much more independent. Gibbs still sleeps in bed with me a lot ;-)


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