Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4 Month Letter to Logan

Hey there Little Man,

It dawned on me today that I'd better call you that as long as I can...it's barely true any more!  You have gone through a huge growth spurt, from 7lbs9oz at the hospital, to over 17lbs four months later.  You are currently more than half of Kayleigh's weight and more than half her height--and she has a 26 month head start on you!  I wonder how long it will be before things even out?

You're already in 6 month clothing, and the little Carter's jeans you wore today were a little long, but they were size 9 months.  Eek!  I'm sure it'll feel like 2 weeks from now that we're going through the shoe store trying to find dress shoes in size 14 for your first dance.  Slow down, baby.

You still would rather be held over anything else, but you're starting to be ok if we put you down for a little while.  Mostly in the mornings, but hey, we'll take it!  You rolled over for the first time on March 19th, and boy were you proud of yourself!  Since that day, you've seemed much more content to be on your own.  You are getting so strong.  You're able to support your upper body all by yourself, so we set up your jumper last week.  It's cute to watch you bounce up and down as you kick your little legs off the ground and try to grab at the toys around the jumper.  I have a feeling that thing is going to be a favorite for a long time!

About 3 weeks ago, you finally started sleeping in your cradle for more than 15 minutes at a time.  We've always teased that you're a heartbeat baby--if what you're sleeping on doesn't have a heartbeat, you'll wake up right away (this is still 100% true during the day).  We're at the point where we can put you in your cradle when we go to bed, and you'll sleep through til about 4am, usually.  When I hear you stir and cry, I go into your room and bring you back to our bed.  I'm much more rested when you're only with me for a few hours instead of wiggling and kicking me all night long!  And oh, I love your sleepy smiles and sweet little snores.  I don't want to jinx myself, but you have slept straight through the night (9 hours each time!) three of the last four nights.  Here's hoping!!!

People tell me all the time that I need to start letting you get used to not being held all the time.  I used to secretly think the same about other moms I saw who never put their babies down.  What I didn't realize back then is how big of a factor the baby's personality is.  I've long since stopped comparing you to your sister and just love you for who you are--and right now, you need to be held.  Truthfully, at first, it exasperated me.  I didn't know how to parent two children when my arms were always filled with one.  But you know what, Logan?  Your eyes are so full of love.  I've never seen a baby express that much emotion with tiny little eyes that are still learning to focus.  When you look at me, I can just feel the love pouring out of you.  I know God has big plans for that beautiful heart of yours.  I've started praying for it daily.  I think, as mothers, we see our children's strengths early.  I pray that your heart will always be full of love for those around you, that you'll have a big servant's heart like your daddy's, that God will use your heart to bring others to Him.

Your giggles are in full swing these days.  I love to hear you laugh!  It doesn't take much at all--just a happy glance your way, and you're giggling and squealing for more.  Something that can always make you laugh right now is when we take your little arms and raise them above your head, then bring them back down to your lap.  I have no idea why.  You just think it's hilarious, though, so we do it all the time.  I hope you're always this easy to entertain!

It is so much fun to watch you and Kayleigh together.  The conversations you two hold together!  My heart just bursts with joy and treasures these times where, in each others' eyes, you can do no wrong.  I know the days will come when I'll wish we were right back here, where there is no fighting, no name-calling, and no tattling.  These are precious days.  I try my best to treasure them in my heart.

Hobbes was bigger than YOU when you were born!

Four months old, already, Logan Mark.  The days are just flying by and I feel like I'm already grasping at them to come back.

We love our boy so much!

Love, Mom

Nicknames: Smiley Boy, Mr. Logan, Little Man, Logan Mark
Temperament: Momma's boy :)  
Things I Could Do Without:  Your frantic cries from the other room while I try to tuck Kayleigh in for bed.  Nap/bedtime is the hardest part of my day, having to leave you out there while I spend a few moments of one-on-one time with your sister.  But you get it all day long, and she deserves some Mommy time, too.
Things You Could Do Without:  Ever being out of my sight :)
Item/Toy We Love The Most:  The jumper is our new favorite thing!  It's so much fun to watch you.  You're getting stronger every day!
Item/Toy You Love The Most:  You haven't really attached to any toy.  You love your fingers.  You're still not a thumbsucker, but you will suck on any part of your hand that goes into your mouth.  Sometimes, both hands at once!
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now:  Your belly-laugh.  My goodness, no one can listen to that and resist smiling.  I hope you can always spread joy this easily!
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: Blowing raspberries, laughing at Kayleigh, being held.
Sounds/Words: Kayleigh tries to translate your sentences for us.  It's pretty humorous.
Foods You Like: Momma's milk, but NEVER from a bottle.  On the few occasions I've left you behind, you've cried and made it very clear that you'd rather starve than try a bottle.  Oh boy.
Milestones: Rolling over! You're also very close to being able to tripod.  Sometimes you can sit up by yourself for about 30 seconds without even using your hands.  Your strength amazes me!  What will this upcoming month bring?

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  1. I don't know any 17 year olds who won't let their mommas out of sight... Just keep cuddling him and sooner than you know it he'll be grown up! Don't you love snugglers?


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