Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why My Family Loves Essential Oils

Our journey with essential oils began with this little guy

Last year while I was pregnant with Logan, I was horrifically sick with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. The medication I was on so that I could just keep down sips of water was giving me awful migraines.  The pain from the migraines made me so miserable, and Tylenol just wasn't cutting it.  I started searching for something else.  There must be something else!  I was desperate.  I bought a raw Baltic amber necklace.  I told my husband that I was ready to pay for a rain dance if someone told me it would help my headaches go away.  And then a friend told me that someone was coming over to talk with her about using Essential Oils for her daughter's growing pains...and maybe there would be something for my headaches, too.

I was familiar with Essential Oils.  My mom had sworn by Tea Tree oil for every cut, scrape, and bug bite we ever got as kids.  I had a bottle of Lavender oil that I had bought at (gasp) Target and used to make my Natural Postpartum Gift Set that has brought a lot of traffic to my blog.  But mostly, essential oils were just used in my home as a natural alternative to chemical-filled household cleaners.  I had rid my house of all of those when Kayleigh was born, only using vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils for the past two years.

Jesse and I went to that first Essential Oils class ready for the lady to tell us exactly what we needed for my headaches.  We expected to plunk down $20-$40 for whatever she said would work, and then walk away without ever looking back.  I laugh now to think of it :)

Instead of finding one simple quick fix at the class that night, Jesse and I were completely amazed to learn how truly impacting Essential Oils can be to every aspect of our life.  We walked out that night with a whole new outlook on our healthcare.  

Essential Oils are now our way of life.  I'm so thankful that I can care for my little ones at home instead of having to run to the doctor for every little thing.  What a difference that makes!  Instead of feeling helpless as parents when our children are not at their best, Jesse and I are empowered.

We have spent the last year researching articles, learning from others who use Essential Oils, listening to experts in the field, and using our oils every day.  

Essential Oils are just too wonderful to keep to ourselves.  Jesse and I are excited to launch our new website, New Leaf Essentials, and are looking forward to sharing more about these amazing natural solutions with you!

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