Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sometimes You Just Want to Say, "Whaaaat?"

It got pretty hot at school yesterday (at least for this beach-loving, fog-craving girl).

By 4:00, my classroom was hot and stuffy, even though I had both windows open all the way to create a cross-breeze, and even had the two doors propped open with chairs to keep the air moving around.

I was reading Today I Feel Silly (have I ever told you how much I love Jamie Lee Curtis children's books?  She's brilliant!) to the class when a dad walked in and gawked at the heat.  "No air conditioner?" He stammered in disbelief, "It's too hot for these little children to be in here without the AC on!"  There hasn't been a day yet while I've been employed that the school has turned on the AC.  I'm sure it works, but our classroom thermostat is in a locked box.  I couldn't turn it on if I wanted to (and believe me, this sand-combing, misty-morning girl would turn it on every time it got above 72*, if I had the ability!)

The dad continued, "I work for the city.  I know the rules.  I know it's not your fault---look at the lock on that thermostat!  This is illegal.  They can't do this to you or the children.  It's too hot in here.  I'm calling to report this school in the morning."

Then, in nearly the same breath, he motioned to his daughter.  "Come on, Lily, put your coat on.  We're going home."



  1. "Put your coat on...haha!" Good one. I had a classroom at a run-down school one year where the AC didn't work. Oh man that could get so miserable! More than one year actually. Schools sometimes do the darndest things to save money.

  2. That is awesome! :) Ah, parents.

    Well, at least your thermostat will get fixed?!


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