Saturday, April 2, 2011

Giveaway: Anya's Green Baby

I'm tickled pink each time I go to my friend Anya's blog and see that many of you have become her followers.  Thank you for supporting her!  I hope you're all being inspired by her many wonderful ideas.  I know I am!

Anya is hosting another giveaway today for a beautifully hand-embroidered burp cloth.  Two winners!  How precious are these little bees?  I just love them.

Entering is simple!  Just visit Anya's Green Baby.  If you're already a follower, just leave a comment.  If her blog is new to you, simply become a follower and leave a comment saying hi!

That's not hard, right?  :-)

Enjoy your Saturday!


♥ Bethany


  1. Thanks for posting this, I hope it brings more entries! By the way, I know you would LOVE the recipe I posted this morning!

  2. Super cute! it looks almost like the bumble bees in winny the pooh


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