Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Secret Smile

Life just hasn't been the same, lately.

You probably noticed a huge dip in my postings over the last few months...(my ratings sure did!)

A total lack of new recipes...

No new products in my Etsy shop...

And a general absence of the Bethany that a lot of people know.

Well, there's good reason.

There's a reason why the stack of dishes in the sink is nearly as tall as I am, and why silly sentences like "My coulders are shold," come popping out of my mouth (my amazing husband knew exactly what I meant and immediately wrapped a blanket around my shoulders to keep them warm--God bless him!)

There's even a reason why Miss Bethany has been found getting sick in the classroom trashcan on occasion (as lovely as that is...)

It's still kind of hard to tell...

But God has blessed us with something amazing.

Our very own little one to pray for and love.

We are so blessed, so excited, and so thankful to be entrusted with this precious gift!

This picture is nearly a month old already.  It's exciting to think about how much our baby has grown by now.  I'm 16 weeks pregnant.  Next month, we'll be finding out whether our little one is a girl or a boy.  I can't wait!

Jesse and I have been keeping a blog for our baby.  You can go to Letters to our Little One to find out how I shared our exciting news with Jesse, and how we told our family.  You can also vote whether you think we're having a boy or girl, and follow along on our journey!

This is the biggest secret I've kept from you as a blogger, and I'm so excited to finally be able to share with you!
And don't worry, the old Bethany is returning to life (what a miserable first three months!  more on that later...)

I still haven't cooked a true meal since January, but I'm itching to get back to it as soon as our kitchen/house return to normal from all of the remodeling our landlords are doing.

There will be many recipes, craft tutorials, and more of the good old stuff back up here soon!

Thanks for being patient with me.

Please join us in the prayer that God will protect our little one and bless him or her with a wonderful, healthy life!



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting! I'll be praying for your little blessing!

  2. eeee! :) still so excited for you guys. now that you're feeling better (and that you'll know soon if it's a girl or a boy) we have to start baby-crafting! :)

    (i had a brief moment where i considered cross stitching a stocking for future brubaby... but that idea ended quickly.)

  3. :) I really enjoy reading your sweet blogs...It still blows my mind how fast time flies. Seemed like yesterday we were talking about getting married when painting our nails. I love you, roomie :)

  4. How exciting! I found your baby blog awhile back, but don't think I was supposed to :/ Sorry! Congratulations!


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