Monday, April 4, 2011

Handsome Man's Notes

Jesse and I leave notes for each other all the time.  I love knowing that he'll find a quick "I love you!" reminder in his sock drawer after I've left for work, and I love coming home to a "See you soon, Cutie!"

We leave them for each other on the fridge...

In the hallway...

And even on the ceiling fan...

So when I came home the other day to a Post-It note in the kitchen, my heart beat with anticipation to see what sweet little note my guy had left for me (how considerate since he knew he wouldn't be home from a church meeting until10pm!)

Anticipation turned to confusion when I read the first line.

Does this pen work?

Not very well.

How about this one?

Write slower and more legibly.

Oh yes, my life is filled with romance!!!

Silly Jesse was filling out some important paperwork, and carried on a conversation with his pens while finding just the right writing instrument.

Lol.  It may not have been what I was hoping for, but it still brought a smile to my face!

He cracks me up!


  1. HAHA!
    We used to do that all time time...I guess 7 years makes you forget how small things like that make you smile. Thanks for the reminder ;)


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