Monday, April 11, 2011

Thinking Back...

To 3 years ago today.

April 11th, 2008 was the day Jesse and I found out where we would be for the next year (and two more, as it turned out!)

It's fun to think back to that day.  So much has changed since then, and I'm thankful for so many things!

I'm thankful to be married to Jesse; I'm thankful that even though our time here hasn't always been easy, God has provided for us every step of the way; and I'm thankful for this new adventure we're beginning with our first child!


Here's looking back to the post I wrote three years ago:

Meet The Brubakers: Beginnings

Ok, so we're not officially "The Brubakers" yet, but we're getting close (8 weeks/55 days/1320 hours...) Anyways, thought that it would be ok to title it that way, because that's what it's going to be the rest of our lives!We found out on Friday night where we will be living for Jesse's internship! The Celebration of Ministries service was Friday at 7:00, and it was absolutely beautiful. Jesse's mom, Bianca, came and she and I sat next to each other and tried not to cry the whole time, we are both so proud of Jesse! It's at the Celebration of Ministries that all of the DCEs (Director of Christian Education--Jesse's major) find out where they are going for their internship. They walk up on stage and it is announced to them there in front of everyone! Definitely a rush :) Jesse's name was called, he went up on stage, and was told that his internship will be at Hope Lutheran Church.  We are so excited! We met the pastor that night, who is actually the father of one of our friends here at school. Jesse said that night, "That's awesome! I even know their dog!"Anyway, we are very excited to finally know where we will be living after our wedding. But first things first:

Graduation: May 9th

Marriage: June 8th

First day of Jesse's internship: July 1st

God has really answered our prayers! Because I am working on my California Teaching Credential, we knew we had to stay in California for Jesse's internship. He has provided a church that we are both really excited about that has opportunities for both of us to get involved and use our talents in. He's also kept us relatively near our families! Jesse's mom will be about half an hour away, and my family will be within 2 hours. Pastor told us that he would start looking for an apartment for us right away. Eee!

I'm so excited about this new chapter in our lives, and can't wait to begin it!


  1. so glad you ended up at Hope, three years ago! :)

  2. Thank you for your prayers Bethany! I can't believe that it was three years ago that Jesse and I were placed. So much has changed for all of us since then. I'm keeping you, Jesse and your little one in my prayers!


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