Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still Alive :-)

My goodness, what a crazy time this has been!

I seriously can't remember a time I've been so sick in my life.  It's no fun.

But God is good, and after two weeks of sleeping on the couch and making trips to the doctor, I was finally able to go back to work last week.  ("Back to work" is a kind of funny thing to say when I only technically worked one day before this whole thing started!)

I'm still coughing like nobody's business, but I'm able to stand upright and take on any 4 year old the school can give me :-)

I'm so thankful for this job!  I'm still looking forward to fulfilling my dream of being an elementary teacher someday, but I know that now is not the time, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to be a Pre-K teacher right now.

Plus, God answered the desires of my heart.  I've always dreamed of being a Kindergarten teacher.  I love that age, I love what they learn, I love everything about Kindergarten.  While I'm not teaching a classroom full of Kindergartners, I am teaching Kindergarten curriculum, and these four year olds are some smart cookies!

It's definitely a culture shock to work in a place where you're the only person in the entire school--staff and students--who has blue eyes, though!  All growing up, people commented on the fact that all of my siblings and I have blue eyes.  I was used to that.  But having children stop in their tracks and STARE at me is something else entirely!  Pretty funny.

And then last week, another teacher was hired who also has blue eyes, and all of the staff have been asking us if we're sisters (we're pretty much some of the only non-Chinese teachers there!).

God is stretching me in new ways, showing me that I can do more than I feel up to doing, and keeping His hand on my tired body the whole way.

Please continue to pray that I can get rid of this awful flu.  I'm so sick of being sick!


  1. I'm still praying for you! That's a sweet story about your school. I have blue eyes, too!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. I was beginning to wonder about you! Feel 100% better soon!

  3. So glad you are feeling better! She's back!


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