Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flower [pen] Pot

I made these for two special ladies at First Lutheran as a gift on my last day of subbing at First Lutheran School.  (I still see them almost every day since I'm just across the parking lot at the preschool now, but I wanted them to know how much I appreciated them while I was working there all year)

Hence, the Flower Pen Pots!

To make the pens, I gathered tacky glue, silk flowers, ball point pens, and floral tape.

Also, a terra cotta pot and some pinto beans.

The decorative scissors and paper are used for the card, and it's fun to have a cute ribbon to tie around the flower pot.

I peeled the green plastic off of the flower stems to expose the wire, glued the wire to the pen, and began wrapping with floral tape.  I used dots of glue all along the way to make sure that the floral tape (which isn't incredibly sticky) would adhere to the pen and not unravel the first time anyone picked it up to write with.
I used a piece of paper to cover the drain hole in the bottom of the pot, and filled the pot with pinto beans.  The beans are a great way to keep the flower pens standing where you put them.

After the pens dried, I put them in the pot, tied a cute ribbon around the top of the pot, and voila!

How cute is that?

It came out to costing less than $5 to make these.  It's always exciting to find a way to make inexpensive gifts!