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Family Gatherings in the Month of May

May has been a busy month, but a wonderful month of getting to see family!

May 1st was Dad's birthday.  We celebrated by going to the Nethercutt Museum in Salinas.  I had never been there before, but I remember Papa Chuck singing it's praises many a time.  He was always telling us about the show room with over 250 cars, the room full of musical instruments, the second largest theatre organ in the US [or world?].  We had so much fun!

Dad, Mom, and Laura drove out, Kate came with us, Bianca drove from her new home in Victorville, and Uncle Todd and Aunt Paula met us there. 

It was a wonderful time of milling about, enjoying all of the antique vehicles and choosing out our "dream cars."  It cracked everyone up that most of my favs were Pierce Arrows with seating for 8-12.  I don't see what's wrong with being practical! :)

At the end of our tour, Aunt Paula took all of us girls into the Merle Norman cosmetic shop that adjoined the museum.  She had the ladies working there help find the perfect lipstick for each of us, and bought them as gifts for us.  What fun!  I love the one I got.  It was fun to do something so girly in the midst of all of those cars!

Laura and my favorite part of the day was getting to hear the player piano that George Gershwin himself played on to record Rhapsody in Blue.  Sighh!  It was amazing to watch the keys and know that the dynamics we heard were played exactly as Gershwin played it when it was recorded there.  Amazing!

I don't have any pictures from that day.  I think I have to bug Kate for them.  It's a handy thing that she's living with us this summer!

The next day, May 2nd, I drove up to Ventura for the Spring Arts Festival that Laura participated in.  I love going to those, because I get to see so many of the kids I grew up with, babysat, and helped teach at one point or another.  And I was so proud to hear Laura perform two songs!

She and Jon sang Yankee Bayonet by the Decemberists, and although I don't have a recording of them singing it, you can hear the original here.  It was so much fun to listen to them!  Jon played his twelve string and Laura had her beautiful Jasmine.  They sounded amazing!  I videotaped it for Mom and Dad that night, but I don't have it.  Here are pictures of them, though!

I was so proud of them!
(Mr. Sanchez took these pictures from the front row while I sat on the floor in front of him with the video camera!  He was the principal of the homeschool program I was in during highschool, and my boss while I helped out at the school office!)

Jon's girlfriend Megan was there too, along with her whole family!  They are such a wonderful group, we love them all!  Uncle David was also there.  I'm glad that he could come :)
Jesse was at a church function that night.  I was supposed to be there too, but I couldn't pass up getting to hear my baby sister sing in front of a crowd!

She and her best friend Amelia also sang a song together--one that they wrote!  It was really sweet.  They have such beautiful voices!

Sorry that all of these pictures are so dark :-(

Anyway, what a fun night!

Then, on the Thursday of that week, while Jesse was cosmic golfing with his high school youth group, I drove out to Riverside to be at the opening of the Division 9 gallery, which was showing two of Kate's pieces!  My 19 year old sister was included in a professional arts exhibit--how cool is that?  I'm so proud of her!

I drove Kate, Jon, and Megan out there that night, and met up with Dad and Laura.  Aunt Poo even came!
Here we are on our drive...

I think I missed the memo on this one...good thing I was still looking AHEAD!

The funniest thing of the night happened when we got there.  I had to ask to get off from work an hour early because I knew if I left Temple City at 4:30, there was no way I would be able to get to Riverside by 6:00 for the gallery opening.  When I dashed home to get out of grubby preschool teacher clothes  (oh, yes, mysterious sticky substances is part of life there!) I quickly changed into some nice slacks that the most "artsy" shirt I owned--one that Kate had given me for Christmas.  I figured it was also a nice way to honor her at her gallery opening :-)

When Laura got out of the car with Dad that night, I burst into laughter.  She didn't think anything was funny.

Laura owns the exact same shirt in red. 

I thought it was pretty funny, but to a 17 year old girl, there is nothing hilarious about wearing the same thing as your sister.  Ever.

Feet!  Dad's socks, Kate's heels, and Laura's strappy sandals.
Not sure about the socks.
He did bring shoes, I promise!


Mostly excited because we had enough time to order a pizza before the gallery opened.  We were hungry!

Here she is standing in front of her two pieces.  She has a very unique style of sewing together negatives before developing them that no one has heard of before.  Very cool!

Aunt Poo came!

Laura was careful to make sure that she and I were always separated by at least two siblings to help cut down on the obviousness of our matching shirts.  That didn't keep Kate from introducing us like this: "This is my older sister, Beth, and my younger sister, Laura.  They're wearing the same shirt."
Evil dagger eyes were always sent her way...

One of the highlights of my night was when I had to leave the gallery in search of a trash can.  (They served hors d'oeuvres but didn't have a trash can in the gallery!).  There was a Cinco de Mayo festival going on in the streets outside, so I headed that way looking for one.  Lo and behold, there was a harp laying down on the sidewalk!  I looked at the man standing next to it and asked, "Do you play?"  He said yes, and when I told him that
I do, too, he was so excited, he wanted a picture.  He asked me to play something for him, but when I took the harp, I realized it was different from anything I'd seen before.  My harps have red strings for all of the Cs, and blue strings for all of the Fs so that you can tell what you're playing.  His strings were randomly colored, and it didn't look like there was any pattern of colors to speak of. (Mine are red, white, white, blue, white, white, white, red--all the way up for 6 octaves).  I admitted that I couldn't find middle C. 
"C?" He asked, "Oh, in Spanish harp, we have no C.  We just have La."
I counted.  "La" would be A.  He pointed out La for me, and I tried my song again.  Not very successfully.  I asked him to play me something.
Next thing I knew, I was hearing "Let it Be," by John Lennon on the Spanish harp!
Very funny :)

After the gallery closed, we got to enjoy a little bit of the Cinco de Mayo festival

I'm glad that no one kicked us out! :-)

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  1. Okay captain, calm down, I was not upset about wearing the same shirt. Only annoyed when Kate introduced us that way... but so were you. ;) The rest is pretty accurate, though. Love you <3


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