Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Easter Break

Yes, it was a month ago, and yes, I am posting about it now.  It's been a crazy few weeks!

Easter break was wonderful this year.  I got to spend it with so many people that I love!  It was light on my Jesse time, but I get to see him all the time ;-)

On Tuesday, I drove down to Costa Mesa to visit with Gramma and Papa Davis.  Papa had had back surgery a few weeks beforehand, and was recuperating at a beautiful rehabilitation center a quick drive from their house.  When I got there, I was really surprised by what a pleasant place it was.  I had been envisioning a convalescent home like the one Papa Chuck had been in around Thanksgiving time (which was utterly horrible) and was thankful that Papa Don had much better care.

Gramma wheeled Papa out to the lobby to meet me, and then we went out into the lovely garden area to sit and catch up. 
So happy that Papa is doing well!  Pinched nerves and back surgeries are NO FUN!

Gramma is happy too :)

We had a wonderful visit, and they treated me to lunch there, too (which doesn't sound exciting, but it really was!  Turkey, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, a salad, juice...Papa was living the high life!)

I'm so glad that Papa has since been able to come home and continue his road to recovery there instead of away from Gramma.  And I'm glad that Gramma can enjoy having him at home instead of driving to and from the hospital twice a day for over a month!

After saying goodbye to Gramma and Papa, I got back in the car and drove down to San Diego to visit Emily.  We had a wonderful time!  We love being total lazy bums when we get together...at least for a day ;-)  Crocheting, chatting, painting toenails, watching girly movies, putting on PJs by 4pm...it's a wonderful life!

We began our Wednesday with a trip to the mall

People must laugh when they see us walk in to clothing stores together...I'm 6' and she likes to think she's 5'2 (maybe in heels!)
We're perfectly sympathetic with each other, though.
"This is too long! I think I'll trip!"
"Grr, these shorts look like hotpants on me!"

We have fun, though :)

After our shopping trip, we went back to Emily's condo to meet Arlen (her "he's just a friend"  a month ago, but her wonderful boyfriend now!) and Emily sister, Sara, and her boyfriend, Chris.
We drove to the Point Loma Lighthouse to enjoy a beautiful afternoon at the beach.

Happy gang!

Chris and Sara are so sweet together.

Sara and I are compensating for Em's height!  :)

We've been best friends for 18 years now!

Gosh...this beach girl misses her ocean!!!

After leaving the beach, we headed over to Golden Spoon for Arlen's first time.

We had a wonderful time!

I came home on Thursday afternoon, and on Friday, I headed up to Oxnard to spend the weekend with Ami.  We had a wonderful time going through pictures, crocheting, and putting on an Audrey Hepburn marathon.  I loved getting to spend time with her.  Things have been so busy; I hadn't spent the night at her house since the day Papa Chuck died.  She amazes me with how well she is doing.  God certainly has blessed her with a peace.  I can't imagine losing Jesse.  Now, or in 60 years!!!

I got to see Dad and Laura on Saturday morning and have breakfast with them.  Mom was at  the OPC Women's Retreat, and Jon and Kate were at school.

It was a whirlwind break, but I'm thankful that I was able to spend time with so many of the people I love!