Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry [home] Making Day 4: Tidings of Joy


I'm not one for "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings."  I know what Christmas is about, and I love celebrating it!



Here is a fun way to bring the "spirit of Christmas" into your home: JOY!!!


 Cast of Characters:

♥Wooden letters (four convenient sizes available at Michaels)

♥Decoupage glue (I love ModgePodge)

♥Spongey foam brush

♥Colorful Christmas papers (it's easier if it's not cardstock, but mine was, so you can do it!)

♥Pretty ribbon, if you want to hang your letters that way.  It ended up not working in my space, but I think it would looks super cute!  I was envisioning something like this

♥Exacto Knife or other sharp knife

 I had a special challenge to work with, since I wanted to hang my sign in our living room, which is a soft green.  It's kind of hard to find "Christmassy" colors that work well with it!

 Tear the papers into little pieces (no bigger than an inch)

Bring out your decoupage glue and your foam brush, and get to work!
Follow the instructions on your decoupage glue.  Some of them have you work with water, some only use the glue.

Work with one piece of paper at a time.  Coat the back of it with glue, stick it to the wood, and the brush over the top with glue, too.  Add piece by piece, covering the area.  You want to overlap them--don't glue the pieces down like a puzzle!   It's also ok to go over the edge.  You'll use a sharp knife later to cut off excess paper.

 Keep on layering and brushing, layering and brushing...


 (Notice my classy workspace?  Move over, Martha Stewart!)


 Add two or three top coats of decoupage glue to make sure that all of the pieces of paper are glued down.  This will also give it a nicely finished effect.


Wait until your beautiful letters are completely dry, and then trim off the excess paper using a sharp knife (an Exacto knife would be ideal...but I used a kitchen knife)

Now you're ready to hang them up and enjoy!

Super fun, super quick, super easy project.

Super CUTE!

It's a simple statement in our home that will bring a smile to people's faces.

We are joyous this season as we remember Christ's birth!

 Remember, I would love to see pictures of any of the projects you work on this week!

Email me at and make my day :-)


Happy Homemaking!

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  1. i noticed your classy workspace!! go, fresh and easy! :)

    your gingerbread ornaments remind me of a craft i did in high school... i made gingerbread girl bean bags, and decorated each one to look like each of my friends. i think i made a dozen or so of those suckers!


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