Saturday, December 11, 2010

December Photo Project 12/11

The December Photo Project is sponsored by Rebecca from View From The Prairie Box


Jesse and I went to Paul and Brandi's wedding today.

What a special day!

This love story has waited five and a half years for the beginning of its happily ever after.



I've never met two more patient, loving, respectful, and strong people.

They deserve every ounce of happiness.  We are so happy for them!


Brandi planned the entire wedding and all of the details herself.  I'm planning on doing a DIY Bride post in January to show you her beautiful Library Themed Wedding and have her share some tips with you!  (Maaaaybe February--I'll let her settle into her new life as a wife and Special Ed teacher in Seattle first!)

 Jesse and I took about 400 pics today, so be sure that it will be a gorgeous, picture-full post!

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  1. Totally agree!!! SO bummed that I was not able to be there!


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