Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Photo Project 12/10

The December Photo Project is sponsored by Rebecca at View from the Prairie Box

Maybe you've seen my funny little plaid table in some of my pictures and wondered "Where on earth did Bethany find a table like that?!?"

And my answer to you is that is was here when we moved in.

We're renting from friends, and very blessed to do so.  When we moved in, the house was nearly completely furnished.  There was a dining room set, complete with a beautiful table and 8 chairs, a coffee table, two side tables, an organ (yes!), and this funny little plaid table.

I've always loved the idea of yellow kitchens.  When Papa and Ami lived in Ontario, Ami's kitchen was yellow, and I loved how bright and cheery it was with its eyelet curtains blowing in the breeze.  I was so excited to see this little yellow kitchen the first time we walked into the house! Dorothy, the woman who lived here before we moved in, must have loved yellow.   The kitchen walls and ceiling are yellow, there's yellow linoleum on the floor, the kitchen counter is yellow...and Dorothy had made the most darling cream curtains with yellow stitches (they were pretty much deteriorated when we moved in, hence my Bethany-made eyelet lace curtains!)

I don't even know where someone would find a plaid-topped table.  I'm assuming that Dorothy's husband, a talented craftsman himself, inlaid the table with plaid.  I don't really know the story.  But needless to say, when we moved in, the table stayed.  And I've loved it's funky little plaid ever since.