Saturday, December 4, 2010

Afternoon Stroll

Jesse and I didn't get home until nearly midnight last night, but as we pulled into our driveway, two big beautiful boxes were waiting on our porch.  So exciting!

One box contained my new winter coat (my very first!) and the other had our new Nikon D3000.  Even though I was completely exhausted from the last couple days, I was almost too excited to sleep last night.

Today was the day.  We charged the camera this morning, went to use it, realized that it needed an SD card (duh!) and made a Target run.  Now we have 8 gigs to play with.  :0)

We went through the manual, watched the handy little DVD that came along with the camera, and then we went out for a walk in our neighborhood with our new camera and my new coat.


Stopping for a shot in front of our little yellow house

 My handsome man


Loving the colors in our neighborhood!



Happy with our new camera, happy with life!