Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time Capsule Purse

I pulled my little black purse out of my closet today.  I haven't used it in a while.  It fit better with my outfit today than the teal and white flowery Anchor Blue bag I carried around all summer, or the blue diaper-bag-size purse I usually take places with me (which I'm now starting to think is the cause of my chiropractic issues? I probably shouldn't be carrying everything minus the kitchen sink on my shoulder!)


As I dug around in it to find a pen during church this morning, I was surprised to see how many little pieces of paper and things were tucked into its pockets.  I knew about some of them, but it was a fun walk through memory lane that I thought I would share with you...


This is the index card that was tucked into the purse Dad and Mom gave me for Christmas when I was 18

 Don't I have the sweetest, most amazing parents?!?

 This crinkled old note has gone with me everywhere that my purse has.  I love knowing that it's tucked safely inside, and it always reminds me of how much Dad and Mom love me.


 The rest is just a hodge-podge of little papers, but it's a fun peek into days gone by!

Event tickets, an old shopping list, and little music score hearts from my friend Becca's wedding.  They were scattered on tables and at the Guest Table where I was having people create scrapbook pages for the newlyweds.  My sister Kate asked me to bring some of them home for her, and I did...but apparently, she never got them! 

A movie ticket from November, 2007...just a month before we were engaged!

And the bright pink one is a ticket stub from one of Jesse's last handbell performances before we graduated in 2008.  I always loved going and seeing him perform.  Music was a big part of our love story.

It's funny what you'll find in an old purse!

That's my walk down memory lane for the day ♥