Monday, December 13, 2010


My goodness.  Day two of my craft week and I'm already behind.  I promise that my second tutorial will be up this afternoon!

I had planned to do most of the tutorials on Sunday so that I could schedule each one to post at 6am on its day, but I caught a really bad cold Saturday night and have spent the majority of the last few days sleeping.

Not to mention, we've been house-sitting for some friends, and I managed to bring something for each of my crafts, but not everything.  I forgot the embroidery floss for this one, the fabric for that one, the puffy paint for another...I'm  a mess!

I'm going back to work today, and after that, I'm headed straight to our little yellow house to craft up a storm.  I enjoy helping people out by house-sitting for them, but I get SO homesick myself! 

There's no place like home...there's no place like home...there's no place like home...

See you this afternoon for part two of Merry [home] Making!