Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Make a Laundry Room Air Freshener

Oh, laundry if the chore of doing laundry wasn't enough, sometimes the odor of dirty clothes (especially after Handsome Man's gym clothes are added to the mix) is enough to make me want to lock the door and never go in again!  It's amazing to me how much dirty laundry the three people in our little family can generate...and I know I'm only in trouble from here on out as our family grows.

Something that has helped make doing laundry a little more pleasant, however, has been the addition of my little homemade air freshener.  It's just a simple project, but its deodorizing abilities are sure to impress you :)

1. Take an old frosting container and remove the paper label.

2. Poke air holes in the top.  The plastic lid is soft enough to use a nail, toothpick, or large needle.  You want the holes to be big enough to let this little can work its magic, but not so big that if it tips over, you'll have a big clean-up job ahead of you.

3. Use scrapbook paper to dress up your little container.  Make it into something that will make you happy.  Write a Bible verse on it, a favorite quote, or just a simple reminder that you want things to be CLEAN!

4. Fill your container about halfway with baking soda, snap the lid back on, and set your new air freshener on the shelf in your laundry room.  Let it work its magic while you stand back and smile.


  1. I like what you've done!

    Popped in from Stuff and Nonsense's Fridays Unfolded.

  2. What a wonderful up cycle project - and one that smells fresh, ta boot ;)


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