Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Lake

My family has been coming to Lake Tahoe every summer since I was 14.  It's always been my happy place.  I hadn't been back to the lake with my family during the summer since before Jesse and I were married.  It made this summer a very special one--not only getting to bring my husband for the first time, but our daughter, too!

My mom, dad, brother Jon and his wife Megan, and my two sisters, Kate and Laura were all there.  It was so wonderful to be back as a bigger family--three more people than the last time we were all there together.  What a happy time.

Jon, Megan, Kate, Laura, Dad, Mom, Kayleigh, me, Jesse
This summer was the last time that we will be there all together for a long time.  I wonder what our next family photo will look like when we are able to come back to Lake Tahoe again?