Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cory and Cora's Wedding, and Going Back in Time

I cheated a little bit by posting pictures of Lake Tahoe before sharing pictures from the wedding of these dear friends.

Cory and Cora's wedding was truly a reunion of friends that I haven't seen in years.  We all went to high school together (I only attended the school for one year) and are spread from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Chicago to Oxford these days.  

Here we are from our freshman year of high school! (don't laugh!)
(in case you can't read the gel pen!) Ruth, Cory, Anya, Jessica, me

Sigh.  Whenever I feel like I'm having a bad hair day, I'm just going to remember to look at my hair in these pictures :)  

Thanks to my friend Ruth who sent these pictures over to me within 20 minutes of my facebook shout out to my old high school buddies looking for old pics of us!

Alina, me, Cory, Nithya, Anya

(Cory didn't meet Cora til college, but I've been blessed to get to know her since then)

What a happy day it was to be able to join together again and celebrate Cory and Cora's beautiful day!

Their San Francisco wedding was the beginning of our Northern California vacation two weeks ago.  We drove up and spent the night with another high school friend, Anya, and her husband and twin baby girls {not pictured because of privacy reasons}.  The next morning, we all caravaned to San Francisco and braved the one-way streets and hidden signs.

When we parked at the church, Jesse and I were both surprised to see the cathedral behind us--we had performed in an concert at Saint Mary of the Assumption during our orchestra days in college!

*ahem* Back to the wedding :)

Cora was absolutely lovely in her vintage gown and radiant smile.

And Cory was so happy--it was hard not to run up there and hug him just to share in his happiness.

The ceremony was beautiful.  God-honoring and filled with love.  So perfect!

During the reception, it was time to catch up with old friends.  I thought I would burst from being so happy!

Can you recognize us from the pictures above?  :)
Nithya and Anya


so thankful for the 12-year-long friendships with these girls!

And of course, our faithful buddy, Cory.
Welcome to the Married Club, friend!

What a walk down memory lane!  
Cory, Nithya, Ruth, me, Anya, Alina

It was so wonderful to be there to celebrate with dear old friends and reminisce about old times.

At the same time, when I watched Jesse and Kayleigh out on the dance floor, I was struck with the realization of times that are waiting ahead of us...

And now I need to go grab some tissues!