Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fingerpainting {the mess-free way}

Today is Auntie Kate's birthday.  We had to find a special gift for Kayleigh to give to her artistic auntie, and what better than her very first painting?

I knew that I wanted to have Kayleigh paint a canvas for my sister, but the idea of giving a bunch of paint to my 10 month old was crazy daunting.

What's the easiest way to let your baby do some fingerpainting?

Stick her in the bathtub!

I put paint on a paper plate and the rest was up to Kayleigh.

She chose the colors she wanted to use, squealed with joy as the paint squished between her fingers, and had so much fun making this canvas for her auntie!

Try and tell me that this kid didn't have fun!!

The best part was that once her canvas was finished, all I had to do was rinse the washable paints off of the sides of the bathtub, then fill the tub up again for her.

I'm pretty sure she thought it was the best thing ever :)


  1. Too cute! We've tried things like this with our little girl, but she wont get her hands messy!

    1. Lol, definitely depends on the kid! Kayleigh has no problem getting messy. She loves it! Our main problem is that Kayleigh wants to eat everything (note the blue mouth!) I contemplated using edible paints, but I figured it wouldn't be the best option for keepsake canvas :)

  2. That's such a great idea! Would love to see the finished masterpiece! :)

  3. What kind of paint did you use? Ivan would love this, but he would definitely eat a lot, too.

  4. What kind of paint did you use? Ivan would love this, but he would definitely eat a lot, too.

    1. I used Crayola Washable Kids Paint {} It comes in a set of 10 colors, and I've already been able to use it many different ways (like in the ball art sensory activity I did--listed in "Playroom")

      It's definitely not supposed to be eaten, but as long as you monitor them from getting more than a taste, I think it's ok :) It's not the perfect canvas medium, but it still looked great when it dried. And it was washable, which made it a total win in my book :)


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