Friday, August 31, 2012

Songs for Saplings Giveaway

Today's giveaway is something really special, and I'm so excited to share it with you!

Songs for Saplings is a music ministry that began in 2003 and has spread across the world from the US to Canada, the UK, Australia, and Malawi.

What is special about Songs for Saplings?  Dana Dirksen, the musician/songwriter behind Songs for Saplings, takes Biblical truths and combines them with lively and memorable music making it easy for children to learn it and take it to heart.  I have found it very profound how deep and theological these songs are, but how kid-friendly they are, as well.

Even my 11-month old loves them.  

We've been playing the music in our home for weeks now, and Kayleigh has taken to walking around with the CD cases clutched to her heart.  Her face breaks into a smile whenever I push "Play" on our CD player, and she absolutely loves dancing to the music.  I'm excited to know that as she grows, the truths in this music will touch her heart more and more deeply.  I can't think of a better way to gently lead her to follow Christ than to be singing His words in our home every day.

Songs for Saplings has generously offered 4 of their wonderful CDs for a giveaway to the readers of Happy Homemaker Me.  I'm so excited that one of you will get to share in the joy that has been in our household lately!

(Click the links below to listen to samples of each CD)

"Songs for Saplings 123" is designed to teach your little ones the word of God as they study their numbers.

"Songs for Saplings: ABCs" is designed to teach your little ones the word of God as they study their ABCs

"Volume One: God and Creation" contains the truths about God and His creation, included: what God did, why he did it, who we are, and how we should think and act.

"Volume Two: The Fall and Salvation" talks about what went wrong with the world, and what God did to fix it.

It explains where sin leads and how God saves.

 All four of these CDs are included in this giveaway.  There is so much sound, Biblical truth packed into these wonderful, kid-friendly CDs that I can't wait to send them off to one of you.  

One last thing that I want to share with you (it's one of the giveaway entries, so be sure not to miss it!) is this video of a recording of one of the Songs for Saplings tracks that was recorded in Malawi.  It blows me away every time.  How beautiful is it that the love of God transcends all languages, countries, and ages?  I just love listening to the children singing this song.  Their excitement and love is so evident, and I love that Dana's music is being brought to the country of Malawi through this special translation work.  Songs for Saplings has made a partnership in Malawi which means that more than 300,000 Malawi children will soon be learning these songs through the government schools!  How incredible is that?

Please stop by Songs for Saplings on Facebook and say hi.  Let them know that you appreciate their ministry, and please leave some encouraging words to let them know that you are praying for their mission work throughout the nations!

I hope you all enjoy these CDs as much as Kayleigh does ;-)

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  1. Songs for Saplings is doing amazing job in teaching children the word of God here in Malawi. Glory to God! We are building a God fearing generation!

    1. Amen! We praise God for your work there, and join you in prayer that it will flourish under God's good grace!

  2. I think the Fall and Salvation one looks great... but I like the idea of the ABC/123 ones, too!

  3. I'd be most interested in the ABCs CD!

  4. We have ABC's and love it! I've been wanting to get Questions and Answers.

  5. I love and have the questions and answers volume 1.

  6. This is great! My son is learning his ABC's and Numbers, so I think we would like both albums.


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