Monday, October 11, 2010

Gee Whiz, Cheese Whiz!

I had the most ridiculous experience on Friday.

I  was rushing down to Laguna Beach for a women's retreat straight from work and knew that traffic was going to be horrible.  On my way there, I stopped at a grocery store to pick up some snacks for the weekend and splurged on some "Easy Cheese" and Triscuits.  Cheese spread and crackers was always a special treat between my mom and's kind of expensive, so we rarely ever bought it.  Whenever we did, it was something to relish and enjoy!

Since Jesse doesn't like Easy Cheese, (and thinks it smells gross), I decided to get some while I wouldn't be around him.  That's a loving thing to do, rightt?  :0)

 It was a great snack for the drive.  I kept the cheese bottle in one of the cup holders, and held the box of crackers in my lap.  Whenever I got to a red light, I'd squirt some cheese on a Triscuit and munch happily away as I coasted through the beautiful ocean town of Laguna Beach.  MAN, I MISS LIVING NEAR THE OCEAN!!!

Annnnnnyway, when I finally arrived at the resort, I pulled into a parking space and shifted into "Park."  Something landed on my hand, and I realized that the shift stick had hit the nozzle of the cheese container (which was still in the cup holder) and sent cheese spraying everywhere!  A second later, I realized that it hadn't just pressed the nozzle, it was still pressing the nozzle, and now cheese spread was squirting over the shift stick, all over the cup holder, and spilling over the sides of the center console down to the floor.  That was one high-pressure nozzle! 

The most ridiculous part was that when I had shifted to Park, it wedged the nozzle between the shift stick and the cupholder so that as hard as I tried, I couldn't pull the cheese bottle out of that crazy situation withoiut shifting to Reverse to give the cheese bottle more space and get it out of there!

By the time I had done that, nearly the entire bottle had emptied, and Jesse's car (yes, I was driving HIS!) was covered in one of his least favorite food items! 

Wow...what a way to begin a "relaxing" women's retreat!

Just thought you'd enjoy a laugh with me...who would've ever expected that to happen?!?


  1. tyler and i were rolling on the floor, reading this story!! aww man... we can't even imagine cheese whiz all over the car!

    also, how do you like cheese whiz and jesse doesn't?!

  2. Hehe, it was pretty unbelievable!
    As for me liking it and him not...I guess I have to even out the unhealthy habits, sometimes! :-)

    p.s. Stacey, when are you going to start a blog? I want to read it!!!


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