Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bonus Fries and Lots of Smiles

On Saturday night, we picked up my college-student sister, Kate, on the way home from Jesse's softball game.  Kate needed to use me for a photo shoot she's doing for her senior gallery show, and we haven't seen her in a while, so we took her home with us for the night.

On the way home, we treated Kate to her favorite donut shop.  Jesse and Kate got scrumptious looking donuts, but I was super hungry and knew that sugar would only give me a headache right then.  Dinner was waiting for us at home, but it was a 30 minute drive and I was hungry right then!  So we popped by McDonald's to get some fries. 

While we were on the freeway, Jesse asked if I had won anything from the little Monopoly pieces they put on the french fry containers.  I hadn't even thought to look.  I peeled them off, and, SURPRISE!  I won free medium fries!  Jesse and Kate were both so excited that Jesse pulled off at the next exit with a McDonald's.  It felt so silly to go to two McD's in 10 minutes when I try to be so good about us eating out at all in the first place, but we were all so surprised and excited that we did it anyway!

I'm sure we looked ridiculous to the lady at the drive-thru when she saw the McDonald's bag and the container of fries in my hand.  Jesse and Kate happily shared the free fries while I finished off the first container.  We bought three ice cream cones, too, and made a fun treat out of it.

Don't you love that McDonald's has 69 cent cones?  And aren't they scrumptious?  And don't fries taste so great mixed with the sweetness of ice cream? (don't call me crazy til you've tried it...)

Anyway, that's what put a smile on our faces that night.

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  1. my office is a fan of the $1 hot fudge sundaes... i've made many a run across the street to pick up a bunch! :) it's such a simple treat that really makes your day.


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