Monday, October 4, 2010

A Much-Needed Sabbath

Saturday did not go as planned.

We were supposed to meet Momma B out in Redlands to celebrate our birthdays together and go for our annual girly birthday pedicure (not Jesse, he was planning on finding something else to do out there!).  I look forward to it every year.  We've been doing it since before Jesse and I were married.  Momma B is so happy to have a girl in the family now!  I love that a pedicure is our tradition (and it's the only one I get during the year, so it's a big deal for me.)

We were planning to go to a cross country meet for one of or high schoolers (potato/tomato Mike, actually) at 8am and drive straight out to meet Momma B from there, hang out with her for the day, and then drive to the baseball park for Jesse's men's church league game. 

But when I woke up on Saturday, I knew that not much of that would be happening.  The headache that had begun the night before had morphed into a migraine that hurt so bad that I knew if I got out of bed and tried to function like a normal day, the migraine would latcht on even harder and take me days to get rid of.

First, we decided that we were going to need to miss the cross country meet.  So I stayed in the darkness of our bedroom praying that it would go away so we could still make it out to see Momma B.  We ended up calling her and letting her know not to expect us as early as we thought, and then I fell back asleep for hours.  When I woke up again, it was to Jesse's voice telling his mom that he didn't think we'd make it at all that day; he wasn't feeling well either.  Jesse's allergies had hit hard while I was asleep, and through the course of the rest of the day, he nearly finished a box of tissues all by himself.

So there we were, Migraine Missy and Sniffly Sir, both sick and tired and miserable.  We curled up together in our favorite chair, but every time he reached for a tissue, I got dizzy and felt even worse.  We ended up spending the afternoon on seperate couches (which we never, ever do).

As weird as it sounds, it was just the kind of day we needed.  God ordained that there should be one day of rest each week, and with our crazy 12 hour church days, Sunday sadly-but-certainly is not a day of rest for us.  I guess it takes us being sick to realize every once in a while that we need a break. 

We needed a day to stay in our pjs til 6:00 at night (and then yes, we did make it to the game), eat our childhood comfort foods, watch old favorite movies, sleep off and on, and serve each other as best we could. 

A sick day isn't something I'm going to hope for frequently, but God knew we needed one.  And even though 2 days later the migraine hasn't completely left, I'm thankful that Jesse and I got to share a much needed day of rest.  And if making us sick is the only way He can get us to take a day off, at least I get to take it with my handsome man.  ♥


  1. I'm glad you were able to enjoy a day of rest- you should do it more often. ;)
    There's an award for you on my blog!

  2. I am so sorry that you both were sick – and yes, your body will tell you when you need down time. Just remember to rest up and take it easy once a week, you need to recharge!

    We will make another pedicure girly day!
    Love you!!

    Momma B


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