Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kayleigh's First Angels Game

On Father's Day, we joined our friends Tyler and Stacey for an Angels game.

The day before, I pulled the little pink Angels baby outfit out of my hope chest, washed it, and had it laid out and ready for Kayleigh to wear to her very first game.  We bought it last year when I was 8 months pregnant, and Jesse has been so excited to have his little girl wear it!

Who can resist a cute little baseball butt like that?!?

Kayleigh loves Tyler and Stacey!

First Angels game as a family of 3!
(you can tell who the real fan is)  ;-)

Kayleigh was so cute during the game.  When the crowd cheered, she cheered.  When we clapped, she clapped.  It was the first time she's done that without being prompted, and we thought it was so cute!

It was a great first experience for our sweet girl!
And boy, did watching his little fan make this first Father's Day a special one for my handsome man.


  1. That looks so fun! I remember the first time we put P in fan garb! J loved it. We have plenty for her for this fall too! (We are Bengals and Ohio State fans!!!)

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  3. How cute! I can't wait to get my twins all dressed up in cubs gear and take them to wrigley. Times like that make such good memories!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! And that onesie is adorable! My husband is a Yankees fan (Hope that's ok, I don't pay much attention to baseball) and we bought Mackenzie a shirt before she was born. He was so excited the first time she was able to wear it!

  5. Oh, she is so cute! Good on you for taking your little one to the ball game. It's such a great family activity, and kids who learn to sit through games when they're little will gladly do so when they're older, too!

  6. How absolutely adorable!! She looks so happy! :)


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