Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why I love Shutterfly

I loooove me a good deal.

So, when Shutterfly started sending me coupons and offers for free items, I decided to take advantage them up on it.

I love the idea of photo books.  I love the idea of scrapbooks, too, and I have enough scrapbooking supplies upstairs to make scrapbooks for the rest of my life.  But I never get them finished.  Photo books, on the other hand, I can handle.

Two weeks ago, Shutterfly sent me an offer for a free hardcover photo book.  I couldn't resist.

I scanned through the huge selection of beautiful layouts for personalized photo books, and found one that I liked.

Then, I uploaded all of my favorite pictures of Kayleigh

And created my book
Squeee!  Don't you love that chubby baby on the back cover?
She's mine :)

Here's an example of what you can do with the beautiful page layouts

I love it!  
All I had to pay for was shipping.  So I basically got this beautiful, hardcover photo book for less than $6.

Then, last week, Shutterfly sent me an offer for a free photo calendar.
Don't they realize they're losing out on money with me?
I took them up on it.

The best part was, all of my favorite pictures were already uploaded to Shutterfly's server.  All I had to do was plug them into their new spots on the calendar.

(these next pictures aren't screenshots, so they're not as great, but I wanted to show you the full calendar!)

For the backgrounds, I chose "Seasonal Watercolors"

June is my favorite month--this year will be our fourth anniversary!

I love that on special dates like birthdays and anniversaries, you can add a picture

One of the best parts is, it saves all of the special dates so that when you make a calendar the next year, they all insert automatically (which means I don't have to sift through Facebook to find everyone's birthdays again next year!)

I'm beyond thrilled to have this beautiful calendar hanging in our kitchen.  With all of the firsts we'll be experiencing with Kayleigh this year, I'm so glad we have such a special calendar to use to write them all down.  We're keeping this thing forever!

So, thanks, Shutterfly, for giving me an easy way to preserve beautiful memories for free.

♥ Bethany

P.S. Shutterfly is in no way endorsing me to write this (I WISH!)
I just wanted to let you know about a really great way to get beautiful things for free.
There are a lot of great photo book companies out there.  I have made things through Kodak, Snapfish, MyPublisher, and VistaPrint.  While Shutterfly may not be #1 in quality out of all of these, it is the one that sends out the most offers.
When you sign up for Shutterfly, you automatically get 50 free 4x6 prints.  
And it just keeps getting better from there.


  1. Yes, that chubby baby is adorable. Love seeing pics of her!

  2. I've had some good offers from them here lately too, but my favorite was the free $20 credit they sent right after Christmas. I ordered a ton of pictures. That calendar is adorable!

  3. I love shutterfly too! I have gotten two photo books done now. I got one completely free (shipping and all) and the other free just pay shipping! Not to mention all the free photo prints!

    What a cute book and calendar!


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