Monday, January 16, 2012

Velveteen Rabbit

Dear Velveteen Rabbit,

My faithful old Christmas companion. I've loved your soft, velvet fur and satiny pink ears for as long as I can remember. It was always such a happy day when Dad took down the Christmas boxes from the rafters and handed each of us our velveteen rabbit (you have a B embroidered on your ear so that my brother, Jon, and I could tell ours apart).  Each year as a child, I would write myself a Christmas letter to tuck into your big, red stocking with you, looking forward all year to reading that note again.

This year, though, I tucked something new in your Christmas stocking, and it gave me all the joy in the world.

It was Kayleigh's first Christmas.  What a happy time!  And she looked so sweet snuggled down in your stocking.  It brought happy tears to my eyes.

Isn't it wonderful that the magic of a Velveteen Rabbit can live on, even after the child is all grown up?

As a child, I didn't think any memories could be sweeter than those of Christmas morning.  Four pajama-clad kids, running down the hall with their Christmas stockings, bouncing into one bed, relishing every clementine and chocolate coin they found inside.  Laughter ringing down the stairs and awakening a very sleepy Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

Memories of those Christmases are so much sweeter now, knowing that I get to relive all of that excitement and joy with my own little family.

And you'll be here for all of it, dear Velveteen.


  1. You seriously have the most adorable baby ever! That first picture of her in the stocking is the best.

    I love traditional Christmas decorations... my mom has this (rather scary) Santa that she's had forever. I loved seeing pictures of little-kid-her with it when I was younger, and knowing we had the same Santa.

  2. OM Goodness!! She is so stinkin cute!!

  3. Cute rabbit, but your baby is even sweeter, of course. It brought tears to my eyes too.

  4. I had a Velveteen Rabbit too! I loved that bunny, but didn't like the book. It made me cry!

  5. Kayleigh still amazes me sometimes, but she did come from the original Cutie after all.


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