Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh, no! I'm "that" mom.

The other day at Target, Kayleigh was being such a cutie. She couldn't see much from her vantage in the stroller, but she smiled up at me constantly and held full on conversations with the ceiling tiles. Such a happy girl!
(this picture is back from the beginning of December, but it's happy Kayleigh Girl, and she's in her stroller, and...I love it!)

Anyway, as we wandered through the baby aisles (didn't need a single baby thing that day, but who can resist?) I stopped at the infant toys section.  Kayleigh just started reaching for things a week ago, and her new skill has me as thrilled as she is.  Most of her toys are too big for her to grasp with her tiny hands very well, though, so I started looking to see if there was anything she might enjoy.  I landed upon this O'Ball rattle, and handed it to her.  I had to whisk it away from her though, because she grabbed it with both hands and started trying to lick it.  Not until it's thoroughly washed, sweet girl!

As we stood waiting in the checkout line, it hit me.  My child is only four months old, and I've already become "that" mom. 

You know, the one we all roll our eyes at in the grocery store who buys something for her kids every single time they come with her.  The one who hushes up their little hissy fits with bribery.  Yeah.

Don't worry, I won't let it happen.  But seriously, how cute is this?

She was so happy!

It's perfect for holding

And tasting
don't worry, I washed it!
And shaking it, watching in wonder

I don't think I've spoiled her with this experience.
And I'm pretty sure this little toy was worth every penny of it's $4.99 


  1. Love her hair! She is adorable!

    Bennett Love

  2. Don't feel bad - Babies need to have new toys all the time! That's how they learn :)

    She is so cute.


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