Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Summertime Joy

I've come to realize that there's really very little that I enjoy about inland summers.

Growing up, I loooooved Summer.  I loved the beach days every Wednesday with our homeschool group,  I loved riding bikes with my siblings in our cul-de-sac, I loved looking for sea glass during low tide, and I loved the way to the ocean breeze carried in the scent of sun-ripened strawberries from the fields across the street from our house.

None of that exists inland, though.  There's no beach within an hour's drive, it's too stinkin' hot to enjoy any sort of activity outside, and even if strawberries did grow around here, I'd be too worried about the chemicals and smog and nastiness that would be polluting them to be able to eat them.

BUT...God gave me a little gift the other day when I was griping about the heat and missing my beloved Channel Islands.  Strawberries on sale---3lbs for $2!

I brought home a glorious box of them, washed them in the sink, and then ate just about every other one while I pared them up so that I could enjoy them in my lunches for the rest of the week.

Just pure yumminess!


  1. YUM :) that sounds so good right now! I know what you mean about summers. There was nothing I liked about that time of year in LA. Now that we are up here summertime is usually foggy but I love all the small town things that go on. Farmer's markets, music festivals, the fair...I love it all!


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