Friday, June 24, 2011

Jesse's First Father's Day

As soon as we found out that our little one is a girl, I knew just what I wanted to do for Jesse's first Father's Day!

Since we found out on a Thursday, Father's Day was also going to be our first opportunity to share our news with our church congregation.  Also, since ties are the stereotypical Father's Day gift, I knew I wanted to find a fun one for him!

My friend, Em, and I went shopping high and low for a pink tie.  It's really hard to find a pink one that comes across as masculine, but we did our best :-)

Then we went around and looked for a sweet little dress for Kayleigh to wear next Father's Day so that she can match her daddy.  It's so crazy to think that next year, we'll get to celebrate Father's Day with a 9 month old!

Needless to say, Jesse really enjoyed his gifts.  He had fun announcing his baby girl by wearing his pink tie at church...and how many 24 year old guys receive fluttery white baby girl dresses with a matching hat and bloomers?  Lol!

It's so much fun to think about next year!


  1. What a great idea! I love the pink tie and the baby's outfit. I'll have to keep that in mind for future reference ;)

  2. My husband has a pink tie too. But he wears it in October at work for breast cancer month and he also wears it when I bust out my flashy bright pink satin summer dress (like for weddings and cruises). Trust me it's a great dress, not as 80's as it sounds, HA! Anyhow, little girls are so fun and Kayleigh is a sweet name. Time will fly so fast until Father's Day next year!


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