Friday, June 10, 2011

Still Reveling...A Week Ago Today

I'm still glowing from the surprise I came home to last Friday.

Fridays are [supposed to be] Jesse's day off [in case you didn't pick it up, it rarely actually happens :-)]

I usually leave him with a light Honey-Do list of things to keep him busy---I spend all of my "days off" at church with him, so it's only fair to give him the things I don't have time to do because of it, right?  :-)

After "clean bathroom" and "fold laundry on bed," I wrote "Dinner on you?"  He loves being able to pick out a frozen pizza or try a new Pastaroni.  And I knew I'd be hungry after work and hadn't had a chance to put a thought into dinner.

He nearly knocked my socks off, though, when I entered the house to the smell of fresh cilantro, garlic, onions, fresh-squeezed lime, and fish.

My Jesse?!?!?

Oh yes, my Jesse.

My Jesse took the time to look up a Grilled Tilapia Tacos recipe that he found through his friend/fellow youth pastor Phil's website.  He went to the store and picked up all of the ingredients, marinated the tilapia, and had the grill going when I got home.  *Melt*

This is the sight I came home to:


Such yummy amazingness.

Girls, get your guy to bring out the grill and wow you with this recipe.  Phil's recipe for salsa is really great, too, so give it a try!