Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Precious Moment

It's been a busy few days!  I've been at church until after 10 the last two happy that there are no plans for this evening and that Jesse and I can rest up before our busy weekend!  Tomorrow, we are going to the high school graduation of several of our HS youth group seniors, and then we are driving straight up to my parents' house to see my youngest sister direct and perform in the play, The Dining Room.  Last night was their opening night, and from what I've heard, I can't wait to see it even MORE!  Laura graduates from high school on Sunday.  I'm so proud of her!  It's going to be a busy, busy weekend.  But wonderful, too, and I'm excited!

This morning, I posted on our baby blog, so check out my most recent Letters to Our Little One post right here.  (And check out the one Jesse wrote about feeling the baby kick, too.  It makes me cry :-) )

Blessings on your FRIDAY!!!